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N.E.H. Hull

Distinguished Professor of Law and Member of the Graduate Faculty in History at the Graduate School-Camden. Professor Hull earned her Ph.D. in history at Columbia University in 1981 and her J.D. at the University of Georgia Law School in 1985. She taught in the political science department at the University of Georgia and the history department and women's studies program at Vanderbilt University before coming to Rutgers in 1987. She was chosen Professor of the Year by the Asian, Pacific-American Law Students Association of Rutgers School of Law–Camden in 1994. She is the author of several books on the history of law and jurisprudence, including Abortion Rights Controversy in American History: A Legal Reader (coauthor; University of North Carolina Press); Roe v. Wade: Abortion Rights Controversy in American History (coauthor; University Press of Kansas, 2001); Roscoe Pound and Karl Llewellyn: Searching for an American Jurisprudence (University of Chicago Press, 1997; winner of the 1998 Scribes Book Award); Female Felons: Women and Crime in Colonial Massa­chusetts (University of Illinois Press, 1987); Impeachment in America, 1635-1805 (coauthor; Yale University Press, 1984); and Murdering Mothers: Infanticide in England and New England, 1558-1803 (coauthor; New York University Press, 1981). She also has published numerous articles in legal and history journals, including, most recently, "Historians and the Impeachment Imbroglio: In Search of a Serviceable History" (coauthor; Rutgers Law Journal, 2000); "Back to the 'Future of the Institute': William Draper Lewis's Vision of the ALI's Mission during Its First Twenty-Five Years and the Implications for the Institute's Seventy-Fifth Anniversary" (published by the American Law Institute in 1998); "Vital Schools of Jurisprudence: Roscoe Pound, Wesley Newcomb Hohfeld, and the Promotion of an Academic Jurisprudential Agenda, 1910-1919" (Journal of Legal Education, 1995); "The Romantic Realist: Art, Literature and the Enduring Legacy of Karl Llewellyn's 'Jurisprudence' " (American Journal of Legal History, 1996); and "Restatement and Reform: A New Perspective on the Origins of the American Law Institute" (Law and History Review, 1990), which won the Erwin Surrency Award of the American Society for Legal History. She is coeditor of the University of Kansas book series, Landmark Law Cases and American Society. She also has published in the field of elder law, an article on the New Jersey living will law (New Jersey Law Journal), and coauthored the American Bar Association's A Guide to Guardianship Proceedings: A Primer for Attorneys. She is working on a new book, The New Juris Consults: The American Law Institute and the History of American Law in the Twentieth Century.
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