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  School of Law–Camden 2009–2011 Faculty, Staff, and Administration Perry Dane  

Perry Dane

Professor of Law. Professor Dane is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Yale College, where he earned his bachelor's degree summa cum laude in 1978. He received his J.D. from the Yale Law School in 1981. Professor Dane was a note editor of the Yale Law Journal and received the Israel H. Peres Prize awarded by the faculty for the best student contribution to the Yale Law Journal for his note, "Religious Exemptions Under the Free Exercise Clause: A Model of Competing Authorities." After law school, he was a law clerk to Judge David L. Bazelon of the U.S. Court of Appeals in 1981-1982 and Justice William J. Brennan of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1982-1983. Professor Dane taught at the Yale Law School from 1983 to 1992. He joined the Rutgers School of Law–Camden faculty in 1992. He also has been a research affiliate at the Yale University Institution for Social and Policy Studies (1992-1993), an adjunct professor of law at the University of Pennsylvania Law School (1996), a distinguished visiting professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Toronto (January semester 1997), a visiting professor at the Southwestern University Law School (summer 2005), a visiting professor at the University of Western Ontario Faculty of Law (January semester 2008), and a fellow of the Center for Critical Analysis of Contemporary Culture at Rutgers-New Brunswick (2000-2001). During the 2010-11 academic year, Professor Dane will be a full-time resident fellow at the Tikvah Center for Law & Jewish Civilization at the New York University Law School. Professor Dane's interests include religion and the law, conflict of laws, constitutional law, jurisdiction, American Indian law, the law of charities and nonprofit organizations, the jurisprudence of Jewish law, legal pluralism, comparative constitutionalism, the debate on same-sex marriage, the Canadian legal system, the Middle East peace process, contracts, and legal process. His publications include "Vested Rights, 'Vestedness,' and Choice of Law" (Yale Law Journal),  "A Holy Secular Institution (Emory Law Journal),"Separation Anxiety" (Journal of Law and Religion), "'Omalous' Autonomy" (Brigham Young Law Review), "Take These Words: The Abiding Lure of the Hebrew Bible In-Itself" (Hebraic Political Studies), "The Public, the Private, and the Sacred: Variations on a Theme of Nomos and Narrative" (Cardozo Studies in Law and Literature), "Jurisdictionality, Time, and the Legal Imagination" (Hofstra Law Review), "Sad Time: Thoughts on Jurisdictionality, the Legal Imagination, and Bowles v. Russell" (Northwestern University Law Review Colloquy), "The Yoke of Heaven, the Question of Sinai, and the Life of Law" (University of Toronto Law Journal), "The Oral Law and the Jurisprudence of a Text-Less Text" (S'Vara: A Journal of Philosophy, Law, and Judaism), "Maps of Sovereignty: A Meditation" (Cardozo Law Review), "The Corporation Sole and the Encounter of Law and Church" (in Sacred Companies: Organizational Aspects of Religion and Religious Aspects of Organizations, Oxford University Press, edited by Nicholas Jay Demerath III, et al.), "Whereof One Cannot Speak: Legal Diversity and the Limits of a Restatement of Conflict of Laws" (Indiana Law Journal), "Pluralities of Justice, Modalities of Peace: The Role of Law(s) in a Palestinian-Israeli Accommodation" (Case Western Reserve Journal of International Law), "The Intersecting Worlds of Religious and Secular Marriage" (in Current Legal Issues: Law and Religion, Oxford University Press, edited by Richard O'Dair and Andrew Lewis), and "The Varieties of Religious Autonomy" (in Church Autonomy: A Comparative Survey, edited by Gerhard Robbers). He also contributed two essays, one on conflict of laws and the other on religion and the law, to the Blackwell Companion to the Philosophy of Law and Legal Theory, edited by Dennis Patterson, and entries in the Yale Biographical Dictionary of American Law, the Encyclopedia of the Supreme Court of the United States, and the Encyclopedia of American Civil Liberties.
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