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Accounting 010
African Area Studies 016
African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures 013
Africana Studies 014
Agriculture and Food Systems 020
American History 512
American Literature
American Studies 050
Animal Science 067
Anthropology 070
Archaeology 075
Architectural Studies 076
Armenian 078
Art 080
Art History 082
Arts and Sciences 090
Asian Studies 098
Astrobiology 101
Astrophysics 105
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Biotechnology 126
Business Analytics and Information Technolgy 136
Business Law 140
Cell Biology
Chemistry 160
Chinese 165
Cinema Studies 175
Cognitive Science 185
Communication 192
Community Development
Comparative Literature 195
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Criminology 204
Dance 203
Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources 216
Economics 220
Education 300
Entomology 370
Environmental and Business Economics 373
Environmental Certificates
Environmental Planning 573
Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior 374
Environmental Sciences 375
Environmental Studies 381
European Studies 360
Exercise Science 377
Film Studies
Finance 390
Food Science 400
French 420
Gender and Media 438
Geography 450
Geological Sciences 460
German 470
Greek 490
Greek, Modern Greek Studies 489
Health Administration 501
Health and Society 502
History/French Joint Major 513
History/Political Science Joint Major 514
Holocaust Studies 564
Human Resource Management 533
Hungarian 535
Individualized Major 555
Information Technology and Informatics 547
Interdisciplinary Studies, SAS 556
International and Global Studies 558
Italian 560
Japanese 565
Jewish Studies 563
Journalism and Media Studies 567
Junior Year Abroad
Korean 574
Labor Studies and Employment Relations 575
Landscape Architecture 550
Latin 580
Latin American Studies 590
Latino and Caribbean Studies 595
Leadership and Management 605
Life Sciences
Linguistics 615
Management and Global Business 620
Marine Sciences 628
Marketing 630
Mathematics 640
Medicine and Dentistry
Medieval Studies 667
Meteorology 670
Microbiology 680
Middle Eastern Studies 685
Military Education, Air Force 690
Military Education, Army 691
Military Education, Naval 692
Military Science Minor (Military Science 691N, Naval Science 692N, Aerospace Science 693N, Non-Commissioning 695N)
Molecular Biology
Nutritional Sciences 709
Operations Research 711
Organizational Leadership 713
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Physiology and Neurobiology
Planning and Public Policy 762
Plant Biology 776
Polish 787
Political Science 790
Portuguese 810
Psychology 830
Public Health 832
Public Policy 833
Religion 840
Russian 860
Sexualities Studies 888
Social Justice 904
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
South Asian Studies 925
Spanish 940
Sport Management 955
Statistics 960
Study Abroad 959
Supply Chain Management 799
Theater 965
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Ukrainian 967
Urban Planning and Design 971
Urban Studies
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Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 988
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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 Programs of Study and Courses for Liberal Arts and Sciences Students Programs, Faculty, and Courses Theater 965 Courses (965)  

Courses (965)

07:965:210 Introduction to Medical Acting (3) This course will provide students with an opportunity to use theatre training to learn how to portray patients in the physician training program at RWJ Medical School and beyond. Improvisation and actor training techniques will be used to develop skills as actor/educators in this unique course.á
07:965:211 Theater Appreciation I (3) Designed for students in theater. Students attend a wide spectrum of theater offerings: Broadway, Off-Broadway, Off-Off-Broadway, repertory, and university theater performances and, through discussion and lectures by professional artists, gain an appreciation of performance. Theater tickets and in-class presentation course fee (generally, no text is required).
07:965:212 Theater Appreciation II (3) Exploration of theater and drama as they relate to issues of contemporary culture from the point-of-view of the artist. Class attends between six and eight productions in local, regional, and New York theater; reads several works on current issues; and writes on topics related to the two areas. Theater tickets and in-class presentation course fee (generally, no text fee is required). Prerequisite: 07:965:211.
07:965:215 Scenic Art I (3) An introductory course in basic theatrical design and production. Lectures (given twice a week) cover a wide range of topics relating to the technical, historical, and aesthetic aspects of designing scenery, costumes, and lighting for the stage.
Fall only.
07:965:216 Scenic Art II (3) Lecture/workshop course in theatrical set design that expands on concepts covered in the fall semester. Lectures cover both conceptual/artistic and technical topics, and lab periods will be used to learn hands-on technical skills. The class culminates in a single set design project, formally presented at the end of the semester. Prerequisite: 07:965:215. Spring only.
07:965:231-232 Theater History I,II Online (3,3) See 07:965:281-282. Students may not receive credit for both 07:965:231-232 and 07:965:281-282.
07:965:260 Musical Theatre Appreciation (3) An overview of the American art form. This course will explore the history, vocabulary, style, and growth of musical theatre through lectures, special guest demonstrators, and live performances. Theater tickets and in-class presentation course fee.
07:965:271 Basic Acting (3) This course is designed to provide students with a basic understanding of the technique of acting. Students discover the basic approaches to the technique of acting through participation in exercises, improvisations, and scene work. Attendance is required.
07:965:272 Intermediate Acting (3) This course builds on the skills acquired in Basic Acting; upon that foundation, students will study and practice specific techniques designed to interpret and rehearse scripted material. Students will explore genuine and spontaneous responses to imaginary circumstances that they will both craft and interpret from established texts. Attendance is required. Prerequisite: 07:965:271.
07:965:275 On-Camera Acting (3) To provide hands-on experience for students interested in film and television acting techniques for the camera. This course covers acting techniques that are used in various film and television productions. Using actual episodic, film, and television scripts, students will explore the different methods actors use in each of the classes. Audition skills, cold reading techniques, and script analysis, in conjunction with videotape critiques and playback, will be provided. Summer only.
07:965:281-282 Theater History I, II (3,3) áThese courses aim to develop a set of conceptual and analytical tools for the close reading and interpretation of plays and historical texts as "blueprints" or "scores" for theatrical performance. It provides an analytical vocabulary and dramaturgical skillset useful both to students with a general interest in theater as an artistic and cultural form and to aspiring theater-makers, whether in acting, directing, design, dramaturgy, or other areas. See 07:965:231-232 for online offering. Students may not receive credit for both 07:965:231-232 and 07:965:281-282.
07:965:290 Broadway: American Musical (3) Examine the masterworks to explore musical theater history, execution, and cultural significance. Live discussion will be interwoven with multimedia and attendance at shows to highlight the contributions of important artists and productions. Course fee for tickets to live theater and in-class presentation. Travel costs to see assigned plays are not included.
07:965:300 New York Theater Experience (3) This course is designed to provide the student with an enhanced, detailed experience as an audience member of contemporary theater. This is done by examining and challenging the plays in deep analytical terms: examining play/script structure, elements of design, performance truth, and directing/staging. Students attend up to 12 professional productions--Broadway, Off Broadway, and regional. The class attends plays every Wednesday night, and an in-depth student panel discussion occurs the following Monday evening. Course fee for tickets to live theater. Travel costs to see assigned plays are not included. Attendance is required for seeing plays.á
07:965:302 Theater for Social Development (3) Theater for Social Development is designed to develop students' understanding of how the arts can be integrated into community development and engaged social interventions.
07:965:310 Introduction to Costume Design (3) Introduction to Costume Design is a lecture course that covers the fundamentals of costume design; character analysis, basic research techniques, and rendering are covered as they pertain to costume design.
07:965:325 Advanced Acting (3) Scene study and the basis of characterization. Attendance is required. Prerequisites: 07:965:271-272. Approval of instructor or audition required for admission.
07:965:326 Performance Workshop (3) The study of rehearsal techniques and performance practice. Attendance is required. Prerequisites: 07:965:325 and an audition is required.
07:965:350 Improvisation and Theater Games (3) This course is designed to provide the student with the skills to utilize the basic improvisational theater games and exercises for the student who has some experience in acting. Prerequisite: 07:965:271.
07:965:359-360 Independent Study (BA,BA) This course allows students to work and study on a project independently which provides the opportunity to develop and refine their theater skills with one-on-one support and direction from professional faculty.
Prerequisites: Open only to upper-class theater arts majors with permission of instructor and student's theater arts adviser.
07:965:364 Theater Management (3) This course is designed to develop students' understanding of the fundamental concepts and practices of today's theater manager, which includes several management aspects of professional regional theater, including organizational design, administration, marketing, budgeting, and fundraising.
Open to 965/966 majors or by permission of instructor.
07:965:365 Theater Management: Producing (3) Continuation of theater management with emphasis on the role of the producer. Prerequisite: 07:965:364.
07:965:370 Global Theater I (3) Explores the theories and practices--the ideas behind the art--of theater and theatrical performance in the 21st century, with an emphasis on historical perspectives and contemporary applications. Students will analyze how different societies and perspectives shape the theatrical form and the experience of it (SAS Core Curriculum 21C.a). Students will examine critically aesthetic and theoretical issues concerning theater and performance (SAS Core Curriculum AH.C.o).
Prerequisite: 07:965:281-282 or 07:965:231-232.
07:965:371 Global Theater II (3) Builds on the classwork of the first semester in Global I. The class examines shared and divergent ideas about the nature of theater and its diverse expressions across and between contemporary world theatre-makers, with a particular emphasis on challenging global issues and currents. The class places the student in the context of and in dialogue with a wide array of artists around the world. Prerequisite: 07:965:370. Open to 966 majors or by permission of instructor.
07:965:390 Theater Horizons (1) This course is designed to provide students with valuable information regarding careers in professional theater as well as career preparation. Guest speakers and site visits included.
Required of all junior theater arts 965 majors.
07:965:396 Internship/Theater (BA) Supervised work experience in a department of a professional theater organization. Includes design and production, performance, stage management, business management, or literary management. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
07:965:408 Dramatic Structure (3) Lecture and discussion designed to achieve a better understanding of play form and structure. Prerequisite: 07:965:231 or 07:965:271.
07:965:410 Theater Criticism (3) Study of criteria for analyzing and evaluating plays and performances; workshops in critical writing. Prerequisites: 07:965:281 or 231 and 282 or 232, accepted writing sample, and permission of instructor.
07:965:421 Directing (3) Principles of play directing, including visual storytelling techniques, communication with actors, and staging fundamentals.á Prerequisites: 07:965:271 and 07:966:215. Open to juniors and seniors only.
07:965:422 Advanced Directing Project (3) Under the direct supervision of the instructor, students apply techniques learned in directing to the direction of a play.
Prerequisites: 07:965:421 and permission of instructor.
07:965:451 Storytelling Workshop (3) An introduction to the art and practice of storytelling. Universal iconography and performance are emphasized. Students are placed for performance practice. Prerequisite: 07:965:271.
07:965:471-472 Creative Drama for Children (3,3) This course is designed to provide the student with the skills to utilize the creative process to positively impact the child's imagination with a school environment. Supervised practice with a group of children.
Prerequisite: 07:965:271.
07:965:473 Clothing & Culture I (3) This course introduces the human phenomenon of dress and adornment, with themes from the fields of psychology, anthropology, art, textile, fashion, and cultural history.á Diverse examples of global dress from prehistory to the late 20th century provide rich comparisons.á Enhancing the curriculum of students preparing for careers in the arts, the class examines the role of fashion in the cultural construction of identity.
07:965:490 Advanced Light Lab (2) A weekly discussion and exploration of the properties of light and how to manipulate the medium to support storytelling, affect perception and inform overall point of view.
07:965:491-492 Project Work (BA, BA) Application of performance, production, or critical theory under professional supervision in an outside theatrical organization. Activities include, but are not limited to, literary management, directing, stage management, design, and theater management. In certain instances, an acting project can be proposed by the student. Prerequisites: 07:966:215-216 and permission of student's B.A. adviser. Open to juniors and seniors.
07:965:493 Honors Seminar in Theater Arts (3) Students perfect abilities to do independent work. Prerequisite: Permission of B.A. adviser.
07:965:494 Honors Project in Theater Arts (3) Students with 3.0 GPA within the major are eligible to select performance, production, or critical theory under faculty supervision. An Honors Committee comprised of three university professors evaluate the student┐s project. Students need to possess the ability to work independently. Prerequisites: 07:965:493 and permission of B.A. adviser. Student must have at least a 3.0 within the major.
07:965:495-496 Seminar: Topics in Theater (BA,BA) Open to B.F.A./B.A. students by permission of instructor.
07:965:497-498 Workshop Topics in Theater (BA,BA) Open to B.F.A./B.A. students by permission of instructor.
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