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  The School of Law - Newark 2004-2006 Faculty and Administration Saul Mendlovitz  

Saul Mendlovitz

Dag Hammarskjöld Professor of Peace and World Order Studies Emeritus and Codirector, Global Legal Studies. (International Law and a Just World Order; Law and Humanities.) Professor Mendlovitz earned his B.A. from Syracuse University, and his M.A. and J.D. from the University of Chicago. He joined the Rutgers faculty in 1956. Professor Mendlovitz is the founding director of the World Order Models Project and a founding member of Global Action to Prevent War. Global Action is a transnational coalition of individuals, civil society organizations, and states promoting a comprehensive political and legal program that aims over the next three to four decades to drastically reduce armed violence: war, internal armed conflict, and genocide. He holds membership on various boards, including the Arms Control Association, Global Education Associates, the Law and Humanities Institute, and the America-Israel Council for Israeli Palestinian Peace.

Professor Mendlovitz has written and spoken extensively on issues relating to international law and to the promotion of a just world order. He has published and edited 10 volumes on these matters, many in collaboration with Professor Richard Falk, Princeton University. Recent articles include "Defensive Security" in War or Health, with M. Datan (Zed Books); "Basic U.S. Commitment to Defend South Vietnam War Was Unlawful under Both International and Constitutional Law," in The Real Lessons of the Vietnam War (Carolina Academic Press); and "A UN Constabulary to Enforce the Law on Genocide and Crimes Against Humanity," with J. Fousek, reprinted in The International Legal System in Quest of Equity and Universality (Cluwer Law International).

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