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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Course Listing Biotechnology 126  

Biotechnology 126
11:126:111 Ethical and Scientific Challenges in Biotechnology (3) Applications and implications of biotechnology, including ethical and social controversies. Two 80-minute lectures with discussion and student presentations.
11:126:296 Honors Seminar (3)
11:126:383 Nucleotide Sequence Analysis (3) Introduction to DNA, RNA, and amino acid sequence analysis using publically available and web-based tools such as Blast, Clustal, etc. and biological databases such as NCBI, Genbank, and OMIM. Exercises in genetic manipulation, recombinant DNA technology, and restriction mapping using programs like NEBcutter, Net Primer, and Primer 3Plus. Prerequisites: 01:160:308 and 01:447:380. Offered spring and fall semesters.
11:126:401 Seminar in Biotechnology (1.5) Development of communication skills needed by professionals in the field of biotechnology through student oral presentations and facilitated discussion. Topics include current scientific advances in biotechnology and the social impact of biotechnology.
One 80-min. lec. Open only to seniors majoring in biotechnology.
11:126:407 Comparative Virology (3) Biology of viruses and approaches to control through antivirals and genetic engineering. Genome organization, gene expression, replication, movement, and transmission across kingdoms. Prerequisites: 01:119:115-116,117 (formerly 01:119:101-102), 01:160:308. Offered in odd-numbered years in the fall semester.
11:126:410 Process Biotechnology (3) Survey of the applications of biotechnology, emphasizing the pharmaceutical industry and the operation of fermentation systems. Case studies of downstream separation and purification protocols employed on an industrial scale. Prerequisites: 11:680:390, one semester of 11:115:403 or 01:694:407. Offered in odd-numbered years in the spring semester.
11:126:413 Plant Molecular Biology (3) Fundamental and applied aspects of plant molecular biology: structure, expression, and isolation of plant nuclear genes; molecular biology of plant development, plant organelles, and plant-microbe interactions; and plant biotechnology. Prerequisites: 01:447:380 and 11:126:481 or 11:115:404 or 01:694:408. Offered in even-numbered years in the spring semester.
11:126:427 Methods and Applications in Molecular Biology (4) Introduction to techniques and experimental approaches used in eukaryotic molecular biology. One 80-min. lec., one 80-min. rec., one 280-min. lab. Prerequisites: 01:447:380 and completion of 11:126:481 and 482 with grades of C or better. Offered fall semesters.
11:126:434 Molecular Delivery Applications in Biotechnology (3) Applications and mechanisms-of-action of formulated and natural biological delivery systems--liposomes, carbon-based nanostructures, polymeric complexes, dendrimers, viruses, extracellular vesicles, etc. A broad range of applications from agricultural to pharmaceutical.
Two 80-min. lec., including class discussion and presentations. Prerequisites: 01:160:308 and 11:680:390; 11:115:403 or 01:694:407 highly recommended. Offered spring semesters.
11:126:444 Advanced Technologies in Biosciences (3) Lecture and demonstration of advanced instrumentation and other advanced technologies in bioscience. Includes demonstration of each instrument, detailed description of data analysis and interpretation of results. Methods include confocal microscopy, surface plasmon resonance detection, quantitative PCR, mass spectroscopy, flow cytometry/cell sorting, genotyping, TNO intestinal models. Two 80-min. periods of lectures and demonstrations. Prerequisite: 11:115:403 or 01:694:407 or 11:126:481. Offered spring semesters.
11:126:481 Molecular Genetics (3) Principles of genetics at the molecular level, including the chemical nature of hereditary material. The genetic code, regulatory mechanisms, the molecular basis of mutation, DNA replication and recombination. Prerequisites: Organic chemistry and completion of 01:447:380 with a grade of C or better. Offered fall semesters.
11:126:482 Molecular Genetics Laboratory (4) Biochemical and molecular aspects of gene function and gene recombination. One 280-min. lab., one 80-min. lab., one 80-min. lec. Prerequisites: Completion of 11:126:481 with grade of C or better and 11:680:390. Offered spring semesters.
11:126:484 Bioinformatics (3) The course introduces: (a) various biological metadatabases such as NCBI, Ensembl, UCSC-Genome browser, TAIR, etc.; (b) methods of DNA sequencing and sequence analysis; (c) methods of RNA expression analysis; (d) protein families and domains; (e) protein structure prediction and three-dimensional structure of proteins; (f) significance of mutations, single nucleotide polymorphisms, and biomarkers in disease characterization; (g) tools used in structural bioinformatics; and (h) in silico drug design and discovery. Prerequisite: 01:126:481 or 11:126:383.
11:126:497,498 Research in Biotechnology (BA,BA) Independent research projects in biotechnology under the guidance of a faculty member. Prerequisites: Permission of undergraduate program director and faculty adviser.
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