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Academic Foundations 003
African American and African Studies 014
American Studies 050
Ancient and Medieval Civilizations 060
Anthropology 070
Arabic 074
Art, Design, and Art History (080, 081, 082, 083, 085)
Asian Studies 098
Biological Sciences 120
Chemistry 160
Chinese 165
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 191
Computer Science 198
Learning Goals
Major Requirements: Computer Science
Minor Requirements: Computer Science
Minor in Data Science
Courses (Computer Science 198)
Data Science 219
Economics 220
English (350 and 352)
English: Composition and Writing 355
Environmental Sciences 375
Film Studies 380
French 420
Geoscience (Geology 460)
Geoscience Engineering 465
Global Politics 487
Health Information Management 504
History (History 510, American 512)
Honors 525
Honors Living-Learning Community 526
International Affairs 551
Italian 560
Japanese 565
Journalism 086
Latin 580
Latin American Studies 590
Latina/o Studies 597
Legal Studies 603
Linguistics 615
Mathematics 640
Medical Imaging Sciences 658
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 686
Music 087
Neuroscience 112
Peace and Conflict Studies 735
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Political Science 790
Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies 812
Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology 819
Psychology 830
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
Spanish 940
Theater 088
Translation and Interpreting Studies 942
Urban Education 300
Video Production 089
Women's and Gender Studies 988
Writing 989
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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 School of Arts and Sciences-Newark Academic Programs and Courses Computer Science 198  

Computer Science 198

Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Smith Hall 



The major and minor in computer science are offered at the Newark College of Arts and Sciences and University College-Newark by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science.

Chair: John Loftin

Undergraduate Program Director: Joseph Elliot


Mark Feighn, Sci.B., Brown; M.A., Ph.D., Columbia

Jane Gilman, B.S., Chicago; Ph.D., Columbia

C. David Keys, B.S., Louisiana State; M.S., Ph.D., Chicago, emeritus

Li Guo, B.S., Lanzhu (China); M.S., Wuhan (China); Ph.D., Washington

John Loftin, A.B., B.S., Stanford; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard

Zhengyu Mao, B.S., Shanghai Jiaotong (China); Ph.D., Columbia

Lee Mosher, B.S., Michigan State; Ph.D., Princeton

Ulrich Oertel, B.Sci., Edinburgh (Scotland); M.A., Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)

Patrick Shafto, Henry Rutgers Term Chair in Data Science

Diana Shelstad, B.A., Tasmania (Australia); M.Sci., Monash (Australia); Ph.D., Yale

Jacob Sturm, B.S., Columbia; Ph.D., Princeton

Associate Professors:

William F. Keigher, B.A., Montclair State College; A.M., Ph.D., Illinois

John Randall, B.A., Sidney Sussex College (Cambridge); M.Sc., Ph.D., Warwick

Robert Sczech, Ph.D., Bonn (Germany)

Xiaowei Wang, B.S., Wuhan (China); Ph.D., Brandeis

Assistant Professors:

Teng Fei, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Bin Guo, B.S., Ph.D., Rutgers

Anastasiia Tsvietkov, Ph.D., Tennessee

Chen Wan, Ph.D., Minnesota

Teaching Professor:

Robert Puhak, B.S., Pennsylvania State; M.A., Villanova; Ph.D., Lehigh

Associate Teaching Professors:

Vincent Graziano, B.S., Yale; Ph.D., Stony Brook

Galathara Kahanda, B.S., Sri Lanka; M.S., Brooklyn College (CUNY); M.Phil., Ph.D., CUNY

Assistant Teaching Professors:

Joseph Elliot, M.S., Arkansas Tech; Ph.D., Arkansas

Leonardo Marazzi, B.S., Costa Rica; Ph.D., Purdue

Pallavi Parekh, B.S., Calcutta (India); M.S., Indian Institute of Technology

Michael Renne, B.S., Boise State; M.S., Western Washington; Ph.D., Oregon State

Veronica Zhang, B.S., Rutgers; M.S., New Jersey Institute of Technology

Associate Professor of Professional Practice:

Lucille Booker


Yusuf Abdi, B.S., M.S., City College of New York; Ed.D., Rutgers

Shakeelah Asghar, B.A., Rutgers; M.S., Montclair State

Fatiha Assadipour, B.S., Algerian Institute of Technology

Mousumi Chakrabarty, M.A., M.S., Lewis University of Chicago; Ph.D., North Central 

Abini Cross, B.E., M.E., Anna University (India)

Leon Malloy, M.B.A., Rutgers

Research Associates:

Chi-Ken Lu

Bruno Richard, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Concordia (Quebec)

Computer science (CS) major is offered jointly with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). Students take courses at Rutgers under the 21:198 prefix. They may register at Rutgers for courses at NJIT through cross-registration under the 28:198 and 28:548 prefixes. The school code 28 identifies a course offered at NJIT, while 198 is Computer Science at NJIT, and 548 is Information Systems at NJIT. Students should consult the registrar's website for specific cross registration instructions for these courses.

The CS major is intended for those students who wish to concentrate on the theoretical and practical aspects of computer science. It requires additional courses in mathematics and advanced computer science. Note: Students may not major in both computer science and information systems (no longer offered), and may not minor in computer science and major in information systems (no longer offered).

Prerequisites for all courses given by the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science must be passed with a C or better.

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