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Academic Foundations 003
African American and African Studies 014
American Studies 050
Ancient and Medieval Civilizations 060
Anthropology 070
Arabic 074
Art, Design, and Art History (080, 081, 082, 083, 085)
Asian Studies 098
Biological Sciences 120
Learning Goals
Major Requirements for Bachelor of Arts in Biology
Major Requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Biology
Minor in Biology
Teacher Certification
Cell and Molecular Biology (B.A. only)
Major Requirements for Cell and Molecular Biology
Minor Requirements for Cell and Molecular Biology
Ecology and Evolution (B.A. only)
Major Requirements for Ecology and Evolution
Minor Requirements for Ecology and Evolution
Neurobiology (B.A. only)
Major Requirements for Neurobiology
Minor Requirements for Neurobiology
Plant Science (B.A. only)
Major Requirements for Plant Science
Minor Requirements for Plant Science
Writing-Intensive Courses
Biological Sciences Courses (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Chemistry 160
Chinese 165
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 191
Computer Science 198
Data Science 219
Economics 220
English (350 and 352)
English: Composition and Writing 355
Environmental Sciences 375
Film Studies 380
French 420
Geoscience (Geology 460)
Geoscience Engineering 465
Global Politics 487
Health Information Management 504
History (History 510, American 512)
Honors 525
Honors Living-Learning Community 526
International Affairs 551
Italian 560
Japanese 565
Journalism 086
Latin 580
Latin American Studies 590
Latina/o Studies 597
Legal Studies 603
Linguistics 615
Mathematics 640
Medical Imaging Sciences 658
Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies 686
Music 087
Neuroscience 112
Peace and Conflict Studies 735
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Political Science 790
Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies 812
Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology 819
Psychology 830
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
Spanish 940
Theater 088
Translation and Interpreting Studies 942
Urban Education 300
Video Production 089
Women's and Gender Studies 988
Writing 989
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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 School of Arts and Sciences-Newark Academic Programs and Courses Biological Sciences 120  

Biological Sciences 120

Department of Biological Sciences

Boyden Hall, Room 206






Newark College of Arts and Sciences offers multiple major and minor degree programs in the biological sciences (biology, cell and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, plant biology, neurobiology). Bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees are both conferred. The biology major is offered jointly by Rutgers University-Newark and the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

(Federated with New Jersey Institute of Technology)

Chair: Wilma Friedman


Edward M. Bonder, B.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Ann Cali, B.S., Florida; M.S., Ph.D., Ohio State, emeritus

Wilma Friedman, B.A., Oberlin College; Ph.D., Rockefeller 

Jorge Golowasch (NJIT), B.A., Universidad de Chile; Ph.D., Brandeis

Farzan Nadim (NJIT), B.S., Northeastern; M.A., Ph.D., Boston

Horatio Rotstein (NJIT), B.S., Universidad Nacional del Sur (Argentina); M.S., Ph.D., Technion, Israel Institute of Technology (Israel)

Associate Professors:

Dirk Bucher (NJIT), Diploma in Biology, Ph.D., Free University of Berlin

Daniel Bunker (NJIT), B.S., Evergreen State College; Ph.D., Pittsburgh

John H. Crow, B.A., Whittier College; Ph.D., Washington State (affiliate)

Radek Dobrowolski, Diploma in Biology, Ph.D., University of Bonn (Germany)

Eric Fortune (NJIT), B.S., Ph.D., Chicago

Nan Gao, B.S., Soochow (China); M.S., Fudan (China); Ph.D., Vanderbilt

Simon Garnier (NJIT), B.S., Bordeaux II (France); M.S., Ph.D., Toulouse (France)

Claus Holzapel, B.S., Hamburg (Germany); M.S., Ph.D., Göttingen (Germany) (affiliate)

Lily Khadempour, B.S., M.S., British Columbia (Canada); Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison) (affiliate)

Haesun Kim, B.S., Seoul National; M.S., Toledo; Ph.D., Cincinnati

Gareth J. Russell (NJIT), B.A., Oxford; Ph.D., Tennessee

Karina V. R. Schafer, B.S., Bayreuth (Germany); Ph.D., Duke (affiliate)

Daphne Soares (NJIT), Ph.D., Maryland

Tracy S. Tran, B.S., M.S., Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)

Assistant Professors:

Phillip Barden (NJIT), B.S., Arizona State; Ph.D., American Museum of Natural History Richard Gilder Graduate School

Jean-Pierre Etchegaray, B.S., Austral (Chile); Ph.D., Rutgers

Brooke Flammang, M.S., California State; Ph.D., Harvard

Marcelo Gehara, B.S., Universidade Federal de Juiz de Fora (Brazil); M.S., Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil); Ph.D., Technical University of Braunschweig (Germany) (affiliate)

Gal Haspel (NJIT), B.Sc., Ph.D., Ben Gurion (Israel)

Sara Ruane, B.S., Massachusetts (Amherst); M.S., Central Arkansas; Ph.D., CUNY (affiliate)

Kristen Severi (NJIT), B.S., Dickinson College; Ph.D., Northeastern

Angelo Soto-Centeno, B.S., Interamerican University of Puerto Rico; M.S., Eastern Michigan; Ph.D., Florida (affiliate)

Ching-On Wong, B.S., Ph.D., Chinese University of Hong Kong (China)

Associate Teaching Professor:

Caroline Maier, B.S., M.S., Delaware; Ph.D., Rutgers (affiliate)

Assistant Teaching Professors:

Rola Bekdash, B.S., American University of Beirut (Lebanon); Ph.D., Rutgers

Miguel Cervantes-Cervantes, Instituto Politécnico Nacional (Mexico); Ph.D., Rutgers

Susan Seipel, B.S., Brown; Ph.D., Rutgers


Caroline Devan (NJIT), B.A., Tennessee; Ph.D., New Jersey Institute of Technology

Megan Hill, B.S., Cornell; Ph.D., Syracuse (affiliate)

Mary Konsolaki (NJIT), B.S., University of Athens (Greece); Ph.D., University of Crete (Greece)

Maria L. Stanko (NJIT), B.A., Bowdoin College; Ph.D., Rutgers

John Yarotsky (NJIT), Ph.D., Rutgers
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