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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick Course Listing Administrative Studies 011  

Administrative Studies 011
33:011:100 Introduction to Business (3) Introduction to business functions, methods of business operation, types of business ownership, and the role of business organizations in society.
33:011:231 Women's Business Leadership Intiative Seminar I (1) This course, reserved for students newly admitted to the Women BUILD program, provides an understanding of the various dimensions of Gender Identity and explores the unique challenges and opportunities presented to women in business. The course aims to provoke students to question their assumptions and become more self-aware, confident members and future leaders within an organizational context. Students learn to make meaningful connections between seminar content and the development of a personal leadership style.
33:011:270 BYOC: Continuous Business Monitoring (1) This course describes a paradigm shift from the traditional auditing and monitoring approach. Rather than resorting to analyzing a sample of the population, this course presents methodologies and techniques that can be applied to the entire population of records in an audit-by-exception manner. The students learn about various related topics, such as process mining, artificial intelligence, exception identification and prioritization, and automation, among others.
33:011:271 BYOC: Emerging Technologies in Business (1) This course covers a wide range of emerging technologies in the accounting and auditing areas. Students are introduced to data visualization and interactive dashboards, artificial intelligence, process mining, blockchain, smart contracts, crypto currencies, cybersecurity, and text mining. Moreover, students learn about practical applications and use cases of such technologies in a business environment.
33:011:272 BYOC: Business Process Automation (1) This course discusses the increasingly popular Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology.  Students learn about progressiveness advanced and complex scenarios of automation. In addition, they learn about the relationship between automation and the concept of continuous auditing and continuous monitoring, as well as hands-on use cases in accounting.
33:011:273 BYOC: Cloud Computing Blockchain & Crypto (1) This course introduces students to blockchain technology and cloud computing and how they are applied in an accounting and auditing context.  Students learn about various issues related to cryptocurrencies and their valuation and markets, such as their unique properties and the technologies used to build them. Furthermore, students learn about information risk management and cyber security as well as their impact on business and good practice standards of cybersecurity.
33:011:274 BYOC: AI in Accounting & Audit (1) In this course students learn about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and some of its potential applications in accounting and auditing. By studying technology from a business perspective, students get a more holistic view of its uses. In addition to the basics of AI, students study techniques such as classifiers, cluster analysis, exception and anomaly detection, automation, and learn more advanced applications of AI in accounting and auditing.
33:011:275 BYOC: Design it Yourself in Accounting & Audit This course allows students to design the course themselves by allowing them to select modules of interest. More specifically, students can choose any five modules from a set of eligible modules across all BYOC courses.
33:011:300 Business Forum (2) Brief overview of business disciplines; composed of a series of lectures on current issues and their impact on business operations. Prerequisite: Admission to Rutgers Business School.
33:011:380 Co-op Education (6) Provides the opportunity to apply concepts learned in class to the work environment. Prerequisite: Open to Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick juniors and seniors by special permission.
33:011:390 Personal Financial Planning (3) The emphasis of this course is on the applications of personal financial planning concepts in an integrated planning environment, exposing students to the financial planning profession and assist students with their own personal financial decisions. Students will learn the following aspects of financial planning: money management skills, tax planning, credit management, risk management and insurance, personal investment management, retirement planning, and estate planning.
33:011:480 Special Topics in Business (BA) Consideration of interdisciplinary topics of contemporary importance in business. Prerequisites: Junior and senior status and permission of instructor. Rutgers Business School majors only.
33:011:485 Field Internship in Business (3) Supervised involvement in a private, public, or nonprofit organization providing the student with an opportunity to apply business knowledge. Prerequisite: Open to Rutgers Business School-New Brunswick juniors and seniors by special permission.
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