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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick Course Listing Accounting 010  

Accounting 010
For required courses for the accounting major, see the Programs of Study chapter. Additional information about the undergraduate program can be found at
33:010:272 Introduction to Financial Accounting (3) Introduction to basic accounting concepts, business and reporting, and accounting; emphasis on measuring and recording transactions and interpreting financial statements. Not open to first-year students.
33:010:275 Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3) Introduction to basic concepts of management accounting with emphasis on decision making and controlling operations through the use of budgets and forecasting models, cost and activity analyses, and various financial and nonfinancial performance measures. Prerequisite: 33:010:272.
33:010:310 Accounting for Engineers (3) Introduction to financial accounting and significant cost accounting concepts. Prerequisites: Open only to students majoring in engineering. Not open to first-year students.
33:010:325 Intermediate Accounting I (3) Development of accounting principles under the corporate form of business organization. Topics include basic financial statements, cash and receivables, inventories, property, plant, equipment, and intangible assets. Prerequisites: 33:010:272. Open to accounting and finance majors.
33:010:326 Intermediate Accounting II (3) Continuation of 33:010:325 with topical coverage of long-term liabilities, stockholders' equity, investments, revenue recognition, accounting for income taxes, pensions, leases, accounting changes, and statement of changes in financial position. Prerequisites: 33:010:325. Open to junior and senior accounting majors only.
33:010:401 Advanced Accounting (3) Consolidated financial statements, including the elimination of intercompany transactions. Accounting for foreign currency transactions and translation of foreign currency financial statements. Fund accounting for state and local governments. Reporting by segments of conglomerates. Prerequisites: 33:010:326. Open to senior accounting majors only.
33:010:415 Concepts of Auditing (3) Introduction to the principles and concepts of the audit as an attestation service offered by the accounting profession. Primary emphasis is placed on generally accepted auditing standards, the role of the CPA/auditor in evidence collection, analytical review procedures and reporting, the CPA/auditor's ethical and legal responsibilities, and the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission and other constituencies. Audit testing including statistical sampling, internal control issues, and audit programs are discussed. Prerequisites: 33:010:325. Open to junior and senior accounting majors only.
33:010:416 Audit Analytics (3) This course is designed to familiarize accounting majors with various analytical skills and provide them with a practical demonstration in an auditing context. It is designed to familiarize students with the concept of audit analytics, the basic audit analytical tools, the trending topics in this field, and the application of different analytical methods in the internal and external audit process. It links audit analytics to corporate continuous monitoring and business process support and provides hands-on experience in using state-of-the-art audit analytical tools. Prerequisites: 33:010:415. Open to junior and senior accounting majors only.
33:010:421 Income Tax Accounting (3) Analysis of the income tax laws as they apply to the income of individuals with an emphasis on problems arising from these laws. Prerequisites: 33:010:325. Open to junior and senior accounting majors only.
33:010:422 Topics in Income Taxation (3) Designed for those who will specialize in taxation. Examination of taxation problems of corporations and partnerships, corporate distributions, liquidations, reorganizations, and other corporate tax matters. Prerequisites: 33:010:326 and 421. Open to accounting majors only.
33:010:451 Cost Accounting (3) Basic cost concepts and the operation of the two basic cost systems (job order and process cost), including problems involving multiple product costing and standard cost with emphasis on variance analysis. Prerequisites: 33:010:275. Open to accounting majors only.
33:010:458 Accounting Information Systems (3) Management information systems concepts used to develop an accounting information system for corporations, with emphasis on general concepts, management of accounting data flow, and software controls. Prerequisites: 33:010:272. Open to accounting majors only.
33:010:472 Analysis of Financial Statements (3) Factors that affect the critical examination and interpretation of financial statements from the viewpoint of groups, using such data with emphasis on accounting problems, analytical methods, and item content of formal statements. Prerequisites: 33:010:326 or 33:390:400. Open to accounting and finance majors only.
33:010:472 CPA Level Financial Accounting and Reporting (3) The objective of the course is to familiarize students with strategies to help successfully complete the Financial Accounting and Reporting section of the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.  This course will cover new financial accounting and reporting material and techniques in relevant areas not addressed in core accounting curriculum classes.  In addition, the course will build on students existing knowledge of financial accounting and reporting to provide a comprehensive review of the areas generally tested on the exam integrating the material in a manner which students have not previously seen.   Prerequisites: 33:010:401
33:010:490 Independent Project in Accounting (3)   Individual research and/or reading program under guidance of member of the department. Prerequisites: Permission of department. Open to accounting majors only.
33:010:495,496 Honors Project in Accounting (3,3) Individual research and preparation of a written thesis under direction of an accounting faculty member. Prerequisites: Open to accounting seniors in honors program only. Both semesters must be completed to receive credit.
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