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Accounting 010
African Area Studies 016
Africana Studies
Aging 018
American History 512
American Literature
American Studies 050
Anthropology 070
Armenian 078
Art 080, 081
Art History 082
Arts and Science 090
Asian Studies 098
Astrophysics 105
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Business Law 140
Catalan 145
Cell Biology
Chemistry 160
Chinese 165
Cinema Studies 175
Cognitive Science 185
Community Development
Comparative Literature 195
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Dance 203, 206
Douglass College Courses
East Asian Languages and Area Studies 214
Economics 220
Education 300
Environmental Certificates
European Studies 360
Exercise Science and Sport Studies 377
Film Studies
Finance 390
Food Science 400
Foreign Language Proficiency Certificates
French 420
Geography 450
Geological Sciences 460
German 470
Greek 490
Greek, Modern Greek Studies 489
Hindi 505
History/French Joint Major 513
History/Political Science Joint Major 514
Hungarian 535
Individualized Major
Interdisciplinary Studies
Italian 560
Japanese 565
Jewish Studies 563
Journalism and Media Studies 567
Junior Year Abroad
Korean 574
Labor Studies 575
Latin 580
Latin American Studies 590
Life Sciences
Linguistics 615
Livingston College Courses
Management 620
Marine Sciences 628
Marketing 630
Mathematics 640
Medical Technology 660
Medicine and Dentistry
Medieval Studies 667
Middle Eastern Studies 685
Military Education, Air Force 690
Military Education, Army 691
Molecular Biology
Nutritional Sciences 709
Operations Research 711
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Physiology and Neurobiology
Planning and Public Policy 762
Polish 787
Political Science 790
Portuguese 810
Psychology 830
Public Health
Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies 836
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Russian 860
Russian, Central and East European Studies 861
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New Brunswick/Piscataway Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2007 Programs of Study For Liberal Arts Students Programs, Faculty, and Courses Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies 836 Courses  


01:836:101Formation of Hispanic Caribbean Identities (3) Introduction to interdisciplinary study of Caribbean and Latino communities. History of migration and cultural formation; focus on changing national, ethnic, racial, and gendered identities.
01:836:110U.S. and Caribbean 20th Century (3) Survey of the 20th-century development of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean in the context of U.S. expansion and intervention in the region.
01:836:150The Latin American Woman (3) Analysis of women's roles within the family structure in the Caribbean and the United States. Understanding of the double standards imposed on men and women. The impact of socialization and the development of a critical consciousness. Credit not given for both this course and 01:988:150.
01:836:200Puerto Rican Cultural Heritage (3) Origin and development of Puerto Rican culture on the island and in the United States. Selective focus on the family, religion, morality, race relations, sex roles, and institutions of authority.
01:836:201African Belief Systems and the Latino Community (3) Historical examination of ancestor worship, Santería (Cuba), Vodun (Santo Domingo), Espiritismo (Puerto Rico), and other African-based belief systems. Formation from African to slave societies and use in contemporary period. Credit not given for this course and 01:014:201.
01:836:203Musical Expression of Latin America (3) Contemporary history of Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, and other Latin Americans through the legacy of song.
01:836:205History of the Hispanic Caribbean (3) Overview of the Spanish-speaking Caribbean. Focus on slavery, colonial relationships, politics, economy, U.S. relations, migration during the 20th century.
01:836:210Gender across Cultures (3) Social construction of gender in Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Dominican Republic. Impact of migration and comparisons with gender roles in the United States. Credit not given for both this course and 01:988:210.
01:836:220Origins and Development of Puerto Rican Political Parties (3) Development of political parties and organizations in Puerto Rico since the 19th century. Political struggles in a modern colonial context. The independence movement and Puerto Rico`s political status options.
01:836:225Caribbean Cinema (3) Examination of the outstanding films produced in the Hispanic Caribbean region.
01:836:229Caribbean (3) Introductory survey of Caribbean history emphasizing the common aspects (foreign intervention, slavery, primary export economies) of the culturally diversified countries of the area. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:270.
01:836:231Social Class Development in Puerto Rico (3) Theories of social class formation and the process of social change examined through the historical development of social classes in Puerto Rico.
01:836:250The Puerto Rican Educational Experience (3) Sociohistorical development of the Puerto Rican experience with the North American educational system in Puerto Rico and the United States.
01:836:266Puerto Rican Literature (3) Study of the development of Puerto Rican literature from the Spanish colonial period to the present. Emphasis on major writers: Pales Matos, Corretjer, Marquez, Gonzalez, Soto, Diaz, Valcarcel, Sanchez, and Blanco. Credit not given for both this course and 01:940: 331,332.
01:836:300Slavery in the Caribbean (3) Analysis of different institutions of slavery in the Caribbean and the rise of the plantation societies. Investigating the effects on Europe and the western hemisphere and its legacy.
01:836:301Hispanic Communities in the United States (3) Survey of the historical development; cultural and political expressions; and social reality of the Chicano, Cuban, Dominican, and Puerto Rican communities in the United States.
01:836:302Dominican Identity Formation (3) Examination of formation of Dominican identity across time and place; focus on social class and issues of race, gender, and sexuality.
01:836:303Language and U.S. Latinoa Culture (3) Interrelation of diverse linguistic traits and practices in the production of U.S. Latino/a culture. Emphasis on Chicano/a, Mexican-American, Nuyorican/Puerto Rican, Dominican-American, Cuban, and Cuban-American contributions, in the context of historical and political processes. Credit not given for both this course and 01:940:303.
01:836:304Research Methods and Analysis in Latina/o Studies (3) Introduction to qualitative and quantitative or ethnographic, archival, oral history, and quantitative research methods in Latina/o studies. Prerequisite: 01:836:101.
01:836:305Introduction to Puerto Rican and Caribbean Folklore (3) Artwork, music, and folk religion as integrating forces in the evolution of oral traditions and legends. Use of ethnography and literature.
01:836:306Queer Culture in the Hispanic Caribbean and Its Diaspora (3) Select cultural texts (film, literature, and performance) from the Hispanic Caribbean (Cuba, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico),  and its diaspora. Includes issues of bisexuality, lesbianism, homosexuality, transvestism, and transgenderness. Credit not given for both this course and 01:988:304.
01:836:309The Politics of Puerto Rican Development (3) Analysis of the relationship between political and economic development in the 20th century; the changing nature of U.S./Puerto Rican relations; formation of the colonial state; and the statehood and independence movements. Credit not given for both this course and 01:790:309.
01:836:310Migration and Community: The Latino Experience (3) Development of Latino communities in the United States, 1840s to present. Impact of U.S. foreign policy, economic and political conditions in countries of origin and the United States.
01:836:311Puerto Rican Migration to the United States (3) Historical evolution of the movement of Puerto Ricans between the island and the United States examined within the colonial context and the international circulation of workers.
01:836:315Poetry of Protest in Latin America (3) Poetry as a vehicle for inciting political or social activism; works by Neruda, Martí, and others.
01:836:322Latinas: Migration, Work, and Family (3) Interaction of work and family in Latinas' migration to the United States. Focus on reasons for migration, incorporation into U.S. society, and questions of continuity and change. Credit not given for both this course and 01:988:322.
01:836:323U.S. Latina Feminists (3) Overview of diverse perspectives of U.S. Latina feminists based on their multiple positions as racialized ethnic women.
01:836:325U.S. Foreign Policy and the Caribbean (3) Implementation of U.S. foreign policy (diplomatic, political, military, and economic) toward the Caribbean region during the 20th century.
01:836:328Conflict and Change in the Caribbean (3) Social development and political economy of the Caribbean in the context of its integration and membership in the capitalist world system. Interimperialist conflict and rivalry and their impact on the development of West Indian societies. The Caribbean as a microcosm of the third world. Credit not given for both this course and 01:790:328.
01:836:329Latino Politics in the United States (3) Political organization of Latino communities in the northeastern United States since World War II. Role of Latinos in shaping U.S. domestic and foreign policy, the impact of immigration and language policies on political organization. Credit not given for both this course and 01:790:329.
01:836:333Caribbean Religion (3) Examines the history and role of the diverse religious components of the Caribbean basin from indigenous practices to Catholicism, Protestantism, Judaism, and the emergence of African belief systems such as Vodou, Santeria, and Rastafarianism from the 18th century to the present. Credit not given for both this course and 01:840:333.
01:836:338Haiti and the Hispanic Caribbean (3) Examines the political development of Haiti in a comparative historical perspective. Emphasizes the interplay of domestic and international political forces in shaping modern Haiti.
01:836:339Contemporary Dominican Politics and Society (3) Examination of Dominican politics, economy, and society from the start of the Trujillo era (1930) to the present. Focus on the authoritarian legacy of the Trujillo dictatorship, relations with the United States, electoral politics in the post-Trujillo period, and recurring trends of caudilloism, militarism, clientelism, and personalism in Dominican society. Credit not given for both this course and 01:790:339.
01:836:340Religion and the Hispanic Community (3) Sociological comparison of religious institutions and practices under Spanish and U.S. influence. The role of religion in Caribbean migrations and processes of adaption in the United States.
01:836:354,356Independent Study (3,3) Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Open only to junior and senior majors and minors in Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean studies.
01:836:360Culture and Society in Puerto Rico and the Spanish-Speaking Caribbean (3) Understanding the evolution of culture and society in Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Cuba. Emphasis on the present-day political mobilization that contributes to national consciousness.
01:836:370Law and the Latino Community (3) Focus on the legal struggle of the Latino community to achieve equality in the United States. Analyzes organization of migrant workers, immigration laws, bilingual education, and the Latino struggle for equal representation in government.
01:836:371History of Puerto Rico (3) Examination from pre-Columbian time to present. Focus on Spanish colonial policy, slavery and land tenure systems, emergence of national identity, U.S. invasion and rapid economic changes, and population control and migration. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:371.
01:836:372History of Dominican Republic (3) From French invasion of Hispaniola to present. Role in Spanish empire, U.S. control in transition to sugar economy, Trujillismo, U.S. invasion in 1965, and impact of migration on society. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:372.
01:836:375Constitutional Relations between Puerto Rico and the United States (3) Political, social, and economic relations between the United States and Puerto Rico through analysis of the Foraker Act, Jones Act, and Law 600.
01:836:385Social Change in the Caribbean (3) Examines how the formation of Caribbean societies was influenced by the development of capitalism on a world scale. Focus on the political struggles of Caribbean peoples to create alternative development models.
01:836:390The History of Cuba (3) Study of Cuba from pre-Columbian times to the present day. Deals with the long battle for freedom during the 19th and 20th centuries. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:370.
01:836:399Socioeconomic History of Latin America (3) Analysis of the capitalist mode of production in Latin America. Class struggles and state structures in the historical formation of Latin American societies. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:466.
01:836:400Topics in Puerto Rican and Caribbean Literature (3) Thematic approach to the textual analysis of selected poets, dramatists, essayists, and fiction writers.
01:836:401Special Topics in Hispanic Caribbean Studies (3) Study of selected social science and historical topics on Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and the Caribbean. Selections may vary; consult department for offerings. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
01:836:405Latino Ethnic Consciousness (3) Addresses contemporary understandings about formation of Latino ethnic consciousness in the United States. Examines theoretical and critical perspectives that inform social issues relevant to Latinos. Credit not given for both this course and 01:070:405.
01:836:415Social Change in Puerto Rico (3) Analysis of different approaches to social change in Puerto Rico, in the context of the Caribbean. Covers modernization, dependency, feminist, nationalist, and ecological perspectives.
01:836:462Latin American Social History (3) Impact of economic development, immigration, and urbanization on lower- and middle-class life in the 19th and 20th centuries through literary and anthropological as well as historical sources. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:368.
01:836:475History of the Puerto Rican Labor Movement (3) Overview of the development of labor organizations and their socioeconomic and political impacts on the Puerto Rican society. Current problems confronting the labor movement discussed.
01:836:494Service Learning Internship (1) One-credit community service placement in Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean studies. Must be taken in conjunction with a designated CASE (Citizenship and Service Education) course in the Department of Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies.
01:836:495,496Independent Study (3,3)
Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. Open only to junior and senior majors and minors in Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean studies.
01:836:497Seminar in Puerto Rican and Hispanic Caribbean Studies (3) Analysis of contemporary or historical topic leading to students' independent research and writing of substantial paper. Critical thinking and discussion emphasized. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
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