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Accounting 010
Africana Studies 014
American History 512
American Literature 352
Anthropology 070
Art 080
Art History 082
Arts and Sciences 090 (Interdisciplinary Courses)
Astronomy 100
Biochemistry 115
Biology 120
Biology, Computational and Integrative 121
Business Administration 135
Business Law 140
Chemistry (Biochemistry 115, Chemistry 160)
Childhood Studies 163
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Dance 203
Digital Studies 209
Economics 220
Engineering Transfer 005
English and Communication (Communication 192, English Literature 350, American Literature 352, Film 354, Journalism 570, Linguistics 615, Rhetoric 842, Writing 989)
Finance 390
Forensic Science 412
French 420
Gender Studies 443
Geology 460
German 470
Global Studies 480
Health Sciences 499
History (Historical Methods and Research 509; European History 510; American History 512; African, Asian, Latin American, and Comparative History 516)
Honors College 525
Human Resource Management 533
Individualized Majors and Minors 555
Journalism 570
Latin American and Latino Studies (LALS) Minor
Learning Abroad
Liberal Studies 606
Linguistics 615
Management 620
Management Science and Information Systems 623
Marketing 630
Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics 640, Statistics 960)
Medicine, Dentistry, and Veterinary Medicine
Museum Studies 698
Music 700, 701
Pharmacy 720
Philosophy and Religion 730, 840
Physics 750
Political Science 790
Psychology 830
Religion 840
Reserve Officer Training Programs
Social Work 910
Sociology (920), Anthropology (070), and Criminal Justice (202)
Spanish 940
Statistics 960
Teacher Education 964
Theater Arts (Dance 203, Theater Arts 965)
World Languages and Cultures (French 420, German 470, Global Studies 480, Spanish 940)
Urban Studies 975
Visual, Media, and Performing Arts (Art 080; Art History 082; Museum Studies 698; Music 700, 701; Theater Arts 965)
International Studies
Art 080
Art Major Requirements
Art Minor Requirements
Studio Art and Digital Arts Areas 080
Studio and Digital Arts Areas of Specialization
Student-Proposed Majors
Departmental Honors Program in Art
Art Major with Teacher Certification
Courses (Art 080)
Art History 082
Art History Major Requirements
Art History Minor Requirements
Art History 082 Area of Specialization (39 Credits)
Student-Proposed Majors
Departmental Honors Program in Art History
Courses (Art History 082)
Museum Studies 698
Courses (Museum Studies 698)
Music 700, Applied Music 701
Music Major Requirements (minimum 48 credits)
Music Minor Requirements (minimum 20 credits)
Music Major with Teacher Certification (minimum 44 credits)
Departmental Honors Program in Music
Courses (Music 700)
Courses (Applied Music 701)
Theater Arts (Dance 203, Theater Arts 965)
Theater Arts Major Requirements (45 credits)
Theater Arts Minor Requirements (minimum 18 credits)
Theater Education
Courses (Theater Arts 965)
Courses (Dance 203)
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School of Nursing-Camden
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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2023 Liberal Arts Colleges Programs, Faculty, and Courses Visual, Media, and Performing Arts (Art 080; Art History 082; Museum Studies 698; Music 700, 701; Theater Arts 965) Theater Arts Major Requirements (45 credits)  

Theater Arts Major Requirements (45 credits)

Theater and film are creative and collaborative arts in which true excellence is achieved through hands-on experience. Students can explore their craft by choosing concentrations in acting, musical theater, design and technology, or filmmaking, all within a dynamic liberal arts curriculum that provides them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Student-proposed majors in other areas of theater such as directing or playwriting can be created in consultation with faculty. As part of a strong, interdisciplinary Department of Visual, Media, and Performing Arts, our students also benefit from exposure to visual art, music, and new digital media perspectives.

Each year, the Rutgers University-Camden theater program presents a full season of plays and musicals that creates learning opportunities in every area of production from design work and stage management to acting and directing. Groundbreaking, fully supported productions range from Shakespearean tragedies to modern classics and musicals. Student-generated work is highly encouraged and showcased annually in the Student-Directed One Act Play Festival.

Core Curriculum for Acting, Musical Theater, and Design and Technology Concentrations (25 credits)

50:965:123  Voice for the Stage (3)
50:965:124  Movement for the Stage (3)
50:965:202  Play Reading and Analysis (3)
50:965:241  Stagecraft (3)
50:965:271  Acting I (3)
50:965:302  Practicum/Crew Call in Technical Theater (BA) At least 3 credits required 50:965:496  Senior Project Theater (BA) At least 1 credit required
50:965:380  History of Theater I (3)
50:965:381  Modern Drama (3)

Acting Concentration (21 credits)

The acting concentration enables students to hone their craft in classes taught by seasoned theatrical professionals. Performance opportunities abound in the Rutgers-Camden theater season, which includes three mainstage productions as well as student-directed and student-created work.

50:965:371  Acting II (3)
50:965:372  Acting for Film (3) or 50:965:373  Improvisational Theater (3)
50:965:471  Acting III (3)
Select at least one additional 3-credit literature and history elective, two additional 3-credit theater practice electives, and one additional 3-credit design and technology elective

Musical Theater Concentration (21 credits)

The musical theater concentration provides students with well-rounded training in acting, dance, and singing, complemented by a thorough general background in all areas of theater and performance opportunities in department-presented musicals.

50:700:131  Singing for the Stage (3)
50:203:201  Musical Theater Dance (3)
50:965:308  American Musical Theater (3)
50:965:371  Acting II (3)
At least 3 additional credits of dance course is required
At least 3 credits of Applied Voice (50:701:169 Voice I or higher) are required
Select at least one additional 3-credit 300- or 400-level theater elective from any category
Highly recommended: 50:700:161-162  Ear Training I,II (2,2)

Design and Technology Concentration (21 credits)

Students enrolled in the design and technology concentration complete coursework in all areas of theatrical design taught by our faculty and outstanding professionals active in their fields. In addition, the Rutgers-Camden theater season provides many opportunities for designers, theater technicians, and stage managers.

50:965:242  Stagecraft II (3)
50:080:221  Drawing I (3)
50:965:314  Scenic Design (3)
50:965:362  Costume Design (3)
50:965:382  Lighting Design (3)
50:965:361   Survey of Costume History (3)
At least 3 additional credits of:
50:965:302  Practicum/Crew Call in Technical Theater (BA)
Highly recommended: 50:082:101  Introduction to Art History I (3)
50:082:102  Introduction to Art History II (3)

Literature and History Electives
50:965:240  The Art of Comedy (3)
50:965:308  American Musical Theater (3)
50:965:309  American Theater (3) 50:965:310 Experimental Theater (3)
50:350:331  Shakespeare I (3)
50:350:332  Shakespeare II (3)
50:965:345  Theater and Film in Europe (3)
50:965:361  Survey of Costume History (3)

Theater Practice Electives
50:203:201  Musical Theater Dance (3)
50:203:227  Jazz Dance (3)
50:965:248  Stage Combat (3)
50:203:249  Ballet I (3)
50:965:350  Auditions and the Business of Theater (1)
50:965:301  Performance (BA)
50:965:303  Actor Director Workshop (BA)
50:965:318  Playwriting I (3)
50:965:319  Playwriting II (3)
50:965:320  Directing I (3)
50:965:321  Directing II (3)
50:965:322  Directing for Film (3)
50:965:363  Educational/Children's Theater (3)
50:965:371  Acting II (3)
50:965:372  Acting for Film (3)
50:965:373  Improvisational Theater (3)
50:965:471  Acting III (3)

Design and Technology Electives
50:965:242  Stagecraft II (3)
50:965:245  Scenic Painting (3)
50:965:270  Stage Makeup (3)
50:965:302  Practicum/Crew Call in Technical Theater (BA)
50:965:314  Scenic Design (3)
50:965:362  Costume Design (3)
50:965:268  Stage Management (3)
50:965:382  Lighting Design (3)

Filmmaking Concentration (45 credits)

The filmmaking concentration is a unique collaboration between film and theater that builds on the program's strengths and resources in both areas. Filmmaking students take a series of production courses that focus on diverse genres and techniques in filmmaking and include documentary, fiction, experimental, and film for theater productions. Filmmaking students also take theater courses specializing in acting, directing, lighting, and production design. The concentration culminates in a senior film project where students collaborate with filmmakers, actors, and designers within the program.

Courses Required (30 credits)

50:354:201  The Art of Film or
50:354:390  Introduction to Film Studies
50:965:125  Introduction to Video and Film
50:965:225  Video and Film Production
50:965:325  Advance Video and Film Production
50:965:425  Postproduction
50:965:252  Screenwriting I
50:965:322  Directing for Film or 50:965:320  Directing I
50:965:382  Lighting Design or 50:965:314  Scenic Design or 50:965:241  Stagecraft 50:700:302  Sound and Image or 50:700:449  Audio Postproduction
50:965:495  Senior Project Film (BA)

At least two courses (6 credits) from the following: 
50:354:300  History of Film I
50:354:301  History of Film II
50:354:302  History of Film III
50:354:201  The Art of Film
50:354:350  Major Filmmakers
50:354:391 to 394  Special Topics in Film
50:354:396 to 399  Special Topics in Film Genres
50:965:240  The Art of Comedy
50:965:345  Theater and Film in Europe
50:354:310  Literature and Film
50:354:315  American Film
50:354:320  World Cinema
50:840:130  Religion and Film

Approved Film History Electives

At least three courses (9 credits) from the following:
50:700:302  Sound and Image
50:700:449  Audio Postproduction
50:965:241  Stagecraft
50:965:242  Stagecraft II
50:965:265  Special Topics in Theater
50:965:271  Acting I
50:965:301  Performance
50:965:302  Practicum in Design and Technical Theater
50:965:303  Actor Director Workshop (BA)
50:965:314  Scenic Design
50:965:318  Playwriting
50:965:320  Directing I
50:965:322  Directing II
50:965:322  Directing for Film
50:965:352  Screenwriting II
50:965:360  Independent Study in Theater
50:965:362  Costume Design
50:965:371  Acting II
50:965:372  Acting for Film
50:965:382  Lighting Design
50:354:401  Advanced Screenwriting
50:965:471  Acting III Theater Approved Elective
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