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Accounting 010
African Area Studies 016
African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures 013
Africana Studies 014
Agriculture and Food Systems 020
American History 512
American Literature
American Studies 050
Animal Science 067
Anthropology 070
Armenian 078
Art 081
Art History 082
Arts and Sciences 090
Asian Studies 098
Astrophysics 105
Biological Sciences
Biomedical Sciences
Biotechnology 126
Business Analytics and Information Technology 623
Business Law 140
Cell Biology
Chemistry 160
Chinese 165
Chinese Studies 170
Cinema Studies 175
Cognitive Science 185
Communication 192
Community Development
Comparative Literature 195
Computer Science 198
Criminal Justice 202
Criminology 204
Dance 203, 206
Design 208
Digital Filmmaking 211
East Asian Languages and Area Studies 214
Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources 216
Economics 220
Education 300
Entomology 370
Environmental and Business Economics 373
Environmental Certificates
Environmental Planning and Design 573
Environmental Policy, Institutions, and Behavior 374
Environmental Sciences 375
Environmental Studies 381
European Studies 360
Exercise Science 377
Film Studies
Finance 390
Food Science 400
French 420
Gender and Media 438
Geography 450
Geological Sciences 460
German 470
Greek 490
Greek, Modern Greek Studies 489
Health Administration 501
Health and Society 502
History/French Joint Major 513
History/Political Science Joint Major 514
Human Resource Management 533
Hungarian 535
Individualized Major 555
Information Technology and Informatics 547
Interdisciplinary Studies, SAS 556
International and Global Studies 558
Italian 560
Japanese 565
Jewish Studies 563
Journalism and Media Studies 567
Junior Year Abroad
Korean 574
Labor Studies and Employment Relations 575
Landscape Architecture 550
Latin 580
Latin American Studies 590
Latino and Caribbean Studies 595
Leadership and Management 605
Life Sciences
Linguistics 615
Management and Global Business 620
Marine Sciences 628
Marketing 630
Mathematics 640
Medicine and Dentistry
Medieval Studies 667
Meteorology 670
Microbiology 680
Middle Eastern Studies 685
Military Education, Air Force 690
Military Education, Army 691
Military Education, Naval 692
Molecular Biology
Nutritional Sciences 709
Operations Research 711
Organizational Leadership 713
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Physiology and Neurobiology
Planning and Public Policy 762
Plant Biology 776
Polish 787
Political Science 790
Portuguese 810
Psychology 830
Public Health 832
Public Policy 833
Religion 840
Russian 860
Sexualities Studies 888
Social Justice 904
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
South Asian Studies 925
Spanish 940
Sport Management 377
Statistics and Biostatistics 960
Study Abroad 959
Supply Chain Management 799
Theater 965, 966
Ukrainian 967
Urban Planning and Design 971
Urban Studies
Visual Arts
Women's and Gender Studies 988
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Major Requirements
Minor Requirements
Honors in Women's and Gender Studies
Institute for Women’s Leadership (IWL) Scholars Certificate Program
Certificate Program in Women's Global Health Leadership
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School of Environmental and Biological Sciences
Mason Gross School of the Arts
Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy
Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick
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School of Management and Labor Relations
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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2017-2019 Programs of Study and Courses for Liberal Arts and Sciences Students Programs, Faculty, and Courses Women's and Gender Studies 988  

Women's and Gender Studies 988

Department of Women's and Gender Studies, School of Arts and Sciences


Chair: Mary Trigg

Director of Undergraduate Studies: Yana Rodgers


Nikol G. Alexander-Floyd, Women's and Gender Studies/Political Science; Ph.D., Rutgers

Radhika Balakrishnan, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Rutgers

Ethel Brooks, Women's and Gender Studies/Sociology; B.A., Williams College; Ph.D., New York

Charlotte Bunch, Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Duke

Abena Busia, English/Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., St. Anthony's College (Oxford)

Susan J. Carroll, Political Science; B.A., Miami (Ohio); M.A., Ph.D., Indiana

Sylvia Chan-Malik, American Studies; B.A., M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Ed Cohen, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Stanford

Brittney Cooper, Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Howard; Ph.D. Emory

Harriet Davidson, English/Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Vanderbilt

Carlos Ulises Decena, Women's and Gender Studies/Latino and Caribbean Studies; B.A., Pennsylvania; Ph.D., New York

Marisa Fuentes, Women's and Gender Studies/History; B.A., California (Santa Cruz); Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Judith Gerson, Sociology/Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Syracuse; Ph.D., Cornell

Mary Gossy, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Harvard

Mary Hawkesworth, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Georgetown

Nancy Hewitt, History/Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Jacquelyn Litt, Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., William Smith College; M.A., Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Phyllis Mack, History/Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Barnard; M.A., San Francisco State; Ph.D., Cornell

Maya Mikdashi, Women's and Gender Studies/Middle Eastern Studies; Ph.D., Columbia

Jasbir Puar, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Yana Rodgers, Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Cornell; Ph.D., Harvard

Zakia Salime, Sociology/Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Mohamed Ben Abdullah (Morocco); M.A., Ph.D., Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)

Louisa Schein, Anthropology/Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., Brown; M.A., Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Kyla Schuller, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D. California (San Diego)

Bonnie Smith, History/Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., Rochester

Mary Trigg, Women's and Gender Studies/Institute for Women's Leadership; B.S., Michigan; M.A., Ph.D., Brown

Deborah Vargas, Women's and Gender Studies; Ph.D., California (Santa Cruz)

Deborah Gray White, History/Women's and Gender Studies; B.A., New York (Binghamton); M.A., Columbia; Ph.D., Illinois (Chicago)

Affiliate Faculty:

Laura Ahearn, Anthropology; Ph.D., Michigan

Karen Alexander, Signs Journal; Ph.D., London

Oussenia D. Alidou, African, Middle Eastern, and South Asian Languages and Literatures; Ph.D., Indiana

Louise Barnett, English; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College

Emily Bartels, English; Ph.D., Harvard

Frances Bartkowski, English, Rutgers University-Newark; Ph.D., Iowa

Mia E. Bay, History; Ph.D., Yale

Christine Chism, English; Ph.D., Duke

Ann Baynes Coiro, English; Ph.D., Maryland

Sheila Cosminsky, Anthropology-Rutgers University-Camden; Ph.D., Brandeis

Jeanette Covington, Sociology; Ph.D., Chicago

Jocelyn Crowley, Public Policy; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cynthia Daniels, Political Science; Ph.D., Massachusetts

Belinda Davis, History; Ph.D., Michigan

Marianne DeKoven, English; Ph.D., Stanford

Kayo Denda, Douglass Library; M.A., Rutgers

Elin Diamond, English; Ph.D., California (Davis)

Christina Dunbar-Hester, Journalism and Media Studies; Ph.D., Cornell

Katherine Ellis, English; Ph.D., Columbia

Leslie E. Fishbein, American Studies; Ph.D., Harvard

Nicole Fleetwood, American Studies; Ph.D., Stanford

Jerry Flieger, French; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Sandra Flitterman-Lewis, English; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Jeff Friedman, Dance; Ph.D., California (Riverside)

Ziva Galili, History; Ph.D., Columbia

Fakhrolmolouk Haghani, Middle Eastern Studies; Ph.D., Georgia State

Sandra Harris, Psychology; Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)

Angelique Haugerud, Anthropology; Ph.D., Northwestern

Martha Helfer, Germanic, Russian, and East European Languages and Literatures; Ph.D., Stanford

Dorothy L. Hodgson, Anthropology; Ph.D., Michigan

Allan P. Isaac, American Studies/English; Ph.D., New York

Karla Jackson-Brewer, Africana Studies; M.S., Bank Street College of Education

Temma Kaplan, History; Ph.D., Harvard

Renée B. Larrier, French; Ph.D., Columbia

Barbara A. Lee, Industrial Relations and Human Resources; Ph.D., Ohio

Ruth B. Mandel, Eagleton Institute; Ph.D., Connecticut

Joan M. Marter, Art History; Ph.D., Delaware

Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel, Latino and Caribbean Studies; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Meredith L. McGill, English; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins

Ferris Olin, Institute for Women and Art; Ph.D., Rutgers

Francoise S. Puniello, Rutgers University Libraries; M.A., M.L.S., Rutgers

Nancy Rao, Music, Mason Gross School of the Arts; Ph.D., Michigan

Patricia A. Roos, Sociology; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)

Sarah Rosenfield, Sociology; Ph.D., Texas

Dianne F. Sadoff, English; Ph.D., Rochester

Diana Sanchez, Psychology; Ph.D., Michigan

Paul Schalow, Asian Languages and Cultures; Ph.D., Harvard

Mark Schuster, Student Affairs; M.A., Iowa

Richard Serrano, French; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Susan Sidlauskas, Art History; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Jane E. Sloan, Rutgers University Libraries; M.A., California State (San Francisco)

Kristen W. Springer, Sociology; Ph.D., Wisconsin (Madison)

Arlene Stein, Sociology; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)

Gayle T. Tate, Africana Studies; Ph.D., CUNY

Sarah Tobias, Institute for Research on Women; Ph.D., Columbia

Camilla Townsend, History; Ph.D., Rutgers

Meredeth Turshen, Urban Studies; Ph.D., Sussex (UK)

Cheryl A. Wall, English; Ph.D., Harvard

Carolyn Williams, English; Ph.D., Virginia

Virginia Yans, History; Ph.D., SUNY (Buffalo)

Yael Zerubavel, Jewish Studies; Ph.D., Pennsylvania

Women's and gender studies concentrates on how gender shapes daily life. Though the initial focus is on women's lives, we analyze how gender structures the lives of both women and men, paying particular attention to differences among women by race, ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, religion, and age as they vary by location and time. For additional information about the program, consult the website.

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