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East Asian Languages and Area Studies 214
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Exercise Science and Sport Studies 377
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Geography 450
Geological Sciences 460
German 470
Greek 490
Greek, Modern Greek Studies 489
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Health and Society 502
History/French Joint Major 513
History/Political Science Joint Major 514
Human Resource Management 533
Hungarian 535
Individualized Major 555
Information Technology and Informatics 547
Interdisciplinary Studies, SAS 556
Italian 560
Japanese 565
Jewish Studies 563
Journalism and Media Studies 567
Junior Year Abroad
Korean 574
Labor Studies and Employment Relations 575
Landscape Architecture 550
Latin 580
Latin American Studies 590
Latino and Hispanic Caribbean Studies 595
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Marine Sciences 628
Marketing 630
Mathematics 640
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Medieval Studies 667
Middle Eastern Studies 685
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Military Education, Army 691
Military Education, Naval 692
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Operations Research 711
Organizational Leadership 713
Philosophy 730
Physics 750
Physiology and Neurobiology
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Plant Biology 776
Polish 787
Political Science 790
Portuguese 810
Psychology 830
Public Health 832
Public Policy 833
Religion 840
Russian 860
Science, Technology, and Society 880
Sexualities Studies 888
Social Justice 904
Social Work 910
Sociology 920
South Asian Studies 925
Spanish 940
Statistics and Biostatistics 960
Study Abroad 959
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Ukrainian 967
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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2015–2017 Programs of Study and Courses for Liberal Arts Students Programs, Faculty, and Courses Africana Studies 014 Courses  


01:014:103 Introduction to Africana Studies (3) Interdisciplinary survey of the social, economic, political, and historical aspects of the black experience in America and abroad.
01:014:107 African-American Folklore (3) Introductory course on the forms and applications of African-American folklore.
01:014:130 African-American Literature (3) Contemporary African-American expressive literatures--poetry, critical essays, novels, films, folklores, plays--analyzed for cosmology, style, structure, and content.
01:014:132 Black Experience and Film Medium (3) Critical evaluation of images of blacks in films. Screening of films.
01:014:140 Introduction to American Cultures (1.5) Develops an understanding of the historical, social, and political factors that distinguish the diverse cultures of present-day America. Credit not given for both this course and 01:512:140.
01:014:201 African Belief Systems and the Latino Community (3) Historical examination of ancestor worship, Santeria (Cuba), Vodun (Santa Domingo), Espiritismo (Puerto Rico), and other African-based belief systems. Formation from African to slave societies and use in contemporary period. Credit not given for both this course and 01:595:201.
01:014:203,204 The Black Experience in America (3,3) Interdisciplinary examination of African Americans within the context of American political economy, special conditions of oppression, responses to exploitation, and resultant social changes. Credit not given for both 01:014:203 and 01:050:246.
01:014:205 Islamic Civilization (3) Survey of Islamic societies from seventh-century Arabia to modern times. Religious, political, military, social, economic, and cultural institutions and organizational patterns. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:201.
01:014:206 The Black Woman (3) Role of black women in survival and evolution of the black race as presented in fictional and nonfictional literature. Credit not given for both this course and 01:988:206.
01:014:208 The Sociology of Black Economic Development (3) Socioeconomic, spatial, and political development of alternatives to minority or black capitalism within the local, regional, and national development strategies of the United States.
01:014:212 Politics and Power in Modern Africa (3) Social and political changes in 20th-century Africa, with an emphasis on South Africa since 1950.
01:014:213 Blacks in History (3) Roles played by Africans and people of African descent in world history. An African-centric approach to historical inquiry.
01:014:215 Contemporary Issues (3) Key controversial issues important to understanding the contemporary black experience. Primary focus on three basic dimensions: double-consciousness, decolonization and neocolonialism, and cultural control. Systematic conceptual analysis.
01:014:222 The Black Elite (3) Emergence of a black elite; social relationships with the white community and the black masses.
01:014:223,224 Independent Study (1-4,1-4) Prerequisites: 01:014:103, a minimum of 9 credits in department or approved equivalent, and good academic standing. Faculty proctor required. Registration by permission only.
01:014:230 Psychology of the Black Experience (3) Evaluation of psychological principles, theories, and assessment techniques in relation to the personality and behavioral development of African Americans.
01:014:233 Introduction to the Methodology of Africana Studies (3) Introduction to Africana studies through lectures, multidisciplinary approaches to the study of Africana materials, original research projects, and introduction to major archival resources.
01:014:240 Third-World Creative Writing (3) Third-world contemporary prose classics as models of creative expression and as a basis for creative writing exercises, geared to meet individual aptitudes, needs, and interests.
01:014:250 African Diaspora Cultural History (3) Introductory survey of the African roots of American and world cultures, focusing on their history and processes of culture change. Survey of African-based arts and cultural expressions in the diaspora.
01:014:255 History of Black Education in the United States (3) Principles and policies underlying the educational process among blacks; social and political impact.
01:014:258 Intellectual Thought in the African Diaspora (3) Basic social and political ideas in the history of black ideology.
01:014:269 Black Religion (3) Social, philosophical, historical, and sociopsychological understanding of black America's oldest and largest institution. Influence in economic, political, social, and spiritual life of the black community.
01:014:274 Black Civilizations (3) Introduction to ancient and medieval black African civilizations with emphasis on the political and religious thought and technological achievement of African empires.
01:014:276 Black Social and Political Development (3) Survey of the recent trends regarding health, unemployment, poverty, economics, electoral politics, and international relations.
01:014:285 African-American Narrative Analysis (3) Collection and analysis of African-American narrative material. Evaluation based on various analytical structures and approaches.
01:014:301,302 Topics in Africana Studies (3,3) Analysis of special topics in Africana studies from an interdisciplinary perspective. Course focuses on issues affecting people of African descent in continental Africa, the United States, and throughout the global African diaspora. May be repeated for credit when topic differs.
01:014:303 Seminar in Black Diasporic Media (3) Examines a range of visual media by black cultural producers. Offers a diasporic framework as an opportunity to trace how technologies, genres, styles, and issues circulate through various historical moments, media, conceptualizations of blackness, and locations. Credit not given for both this course and 01:050:311.
01:014:304 Afromusicology (3) Various forms of African-American music: spiritual, gospel, blues, folk, and jazz. African and Western influences: role, development patterns, and function in sociocultural context.
01:014:306 The Black Woman in Political Context (3) Takes political-historical approach from precolonial traditional African women to contemporary black feminism and liberation; emphasis on the black woman's distinct consciousness, family relationships, organizations, institutions, political activities, and revolutionary ideologies.
01:014:316 Caribbean Society in Literature (3) Introduction to the political, social, and historical life of the Caribbean (Jamaica, Trinidad, Barbados, Guyana, and St. Lucia) through the novels, poems, and essays of its writers.
01:014:317 Black Profiles (3) Portrayal of the movements and events of Africa and dispersion through studies of black leaders--their lives, works, and writings.
01:014:318 Bigotry, Prejudice, and Racism: Psychological Foundations (3) Basic conscious and unconscious psychological factors in racist behavior and attitudes. Evaluation of explanatory theories and empirical data as presented by contemporary psychiatrists and psychologists.
01:014:321 African Presence in American Cultures (3) Examination of African influence on black life and culture in the New World--on language, art, music, and cuisine.
01:014:323 Seminar in the Philosophy of Africana Studies (3) Disciplinary problems involved in constructing a paradigm for the philosophy of the discipline.
01:014:330 Contemporary Issues in Southern Africa (3) Examines contemporary events in Southern Africa with particular focus on the transition in South Africa from apartheid to democracy.
01:014:340 Third-World Writing and Criticism (3) Essays in literary criticism with third-world prose classics as a basis for critiques. Study of the short story and exercises in short-story writing.
01:014:341,342 Supervised Community Placement (3,3) Supervised study and experience in a black community of the United States, the Caribbean, South America, or Africa.
01:014:347 Health Issues in the African-American Community (3) Health problems affecting black communities and their relevance to understanding black political, social, and psychological attitudes.
01:014:349 Topics in American Politics (3) Special topics in American politics that vary with the instructor. Prerequisite: Special permission. Credit not given for both this course and 01:790:349.
01:014:350 African-American Linguistics (3) Historical and varying manifestations of black English in the Western hemisphere.
01:014:353 Black Community Law and Social Change (3) Origins of racism in the judicial process and its effects on the black community since slavery.
01:014:355 Blacks and Economic Structures (3) Scope and organization of economic activity in the black community; investments, ownership of capital, exploitation of the consumer and wage earner.
01:014:356 Muslims and Islamic Institutions in America (3) Explores the bonds of the Muslim community, the meaning of Muslim-American identity, how immigrant groups are assimilating into American society, and how institutional frameworks are adopted for national integration. Credit not given for both this course and 01:685:355.
01:014:357 Islam in the Global Black Experience (3) Examination of the sociopolitical dimensions of Islam in Africa and the African diaspora, and the interactions between Islam and such ideologies as nationalism and race consciousness in black communities internationally.
01:014:359 Race, Culture, and Politics: Blacks and Jews in America (3) How Black and Jewish identities have evolved in relationship to one another through an examination of social and political history, literature, and film. Credit not given for both this course and 01:050:339 or 01:512:359 or 01:563:359.       
01:014:360 Writers of Africa and the New World (3) Comparison of black writers of Africa, the United States, and the Caribbean, with focus on areas of commonality and divergence.
01:014:362 Black Identity, Religion, and Politics (3) Analysis of social, psychological, and institutional forces shaping group and individual identity of blacks.
01:014:363 Race, Class, Gender, and Schooling (3) Examines racial and gender differences in adolescents' school performance. Structural, historical, and cultural foci. Ethnographic and autobiographical cases of black students and other students of color. Pre- or corequisite: 01:070:101 or permission of instructor. Credit not given for both this course and 01:070:363 or 01:988:363.
01:014:365 Black Migration and Urbanization (3) Black migration to industrial-urban centers; problems of urbanization. Present interrelationships among racial demography, ecology, social psychology, and the planning process within cities. Credit not given for both this course and 01:050:371.
01:014:366 The History of Race and Sex in America (3) Examines how race and gender have independently and jointly determined life chances throughout American history. Credit not given for both this course and 01:512:366.
01:014:367 African Labor History (3) Precolonial and colonial labor mobilization, control, and resistance; working class formation; the labor process and worker consciousness. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:420.
01:014:369 Black Theology (3) Exploration into theological concepts, terms, and expressions as they relate to the African and the African American. Pre- or corequisite: 01:014:269.
01:014:370 The Afro-Atlantic Diaspora (3) Introduction to history of African diaspora in the Americas and the Caribbean. Traces origins and development of the Atlantic slave trade and the creation of new African-based cultures in the Americas.
01:014:371 The New Scramble for Africa (3) Analysis of the historical, political, demographic, economic, and sociocultural problems of African underdevelopment within world spatial structure and the contemporary scene. Prerequisite: 01:014:212.
01:014:376 Pan-African Movement (3) Pan-Africanism and its development among the black elite on both sides of the Atlantic from the early 19th century to the present.
01:014:380 Blacks in Science: Ancient and Modern (3) Lost sciences of inner Africa; African contributions to early dynastic Egyptian science and, with Arabs, to medieval Moorish science; African-American science and invention. Pre- or corequisite: 01:014:274 or 321.
01:014:381 Politics of Black America (3) Political perspectives and strategies of black Americans and the responsiveness of the American political system to the interests and demands of the black community. Credit not given for both this course and 01:790:334. 
01:014:382 Politics of Minority Coalitions (3) Exploration of the politics surrounding the efforts to build viable coalitions among various minority groups within the United States.
01:014:383 Everyday Forms of Resistance (3) How ordinary citizens forge ways to address the political system when, for various reasons, "normal" channels are unavailable. Activities include social movements and everyday forms of resistance.
01:014:384 The Black Community and Social Issues (3) Examines a variety of social issues that impact the life chances of African Americans in the United States. Credit not given for both this course and 01:050:370.
01:014:404 Seminar on Contemporary Race Relations (3) Theoretical analysis of the structure of race relations, and evaluation of its relevance to research in today's world.
01:014:410 Afro-Brazilian History (3) Overview of history of largest African diaspora community in world. Encourages critical analysis of major issues in African-Atlantic diaspora studies. Principal scholarship supplemented with selected readings in literature, oral history, Afro-Brazilian movement documents, and iconography. Credit not given for both this course and 01:508:468 or 01:590:410.
01:014:413 Colonialism and Neocolonialism (3) Political and economic aspects of colonialism. Colonized mind and behavior as portrayed by such authors as Mannoni, Balandier, Memmi, and Fanon. Neocolonialism as a technique of control.
01:014:418 Major African-American Writers (3) Study of one to three major African-American writers, such as Richard Wright, Ralph Ellison, James Baldwin, Langston Hughes, and Imamu Baraka; social implications of their creative work.
01:014:423 Black Thought: A Philosophical Inquiry (3) Investigation into a notion of a black philosophy as various philosophical terminologies are explored. Prerequisite: 01:014:323.
01:014:436 Health Literacy: Segregation and Health (3) The connection between black-white health disparities and black-white residential segregation. Credit not given for both this course and 11:374:436.
01:014:460 Advanced Methodologies in Africana Studies Research (3) Techniques of research. Historical and contemporary research models used. Methodologies and theories of research.
01:014:461 African Political Economy (3) Examination of the explanation for the contradictions between Africa's wealth and apparent poverty. Analysis of various national development paths, such as capitalism, African socialism, Ujamaa, and communism.
01:014:481 The Black Family (3) Consideration of the black family in historical and contemporary contexts: nuclear versus extended families; two-parent and female-headed households; rural and urban environmental effects. Prerequisite: Junior, senior, or graduate standing. Recommended: Previous seminar coursework.
01:014:490 Seminar in Africana Studies (3) Independent research under faculty guidance, or classroom orientation focusing on a major topic exploring the black experience.
01:014:491,492 Independent Study (1-4,1-4) Prerequisites: 01:014:233, a minimum of 18 credits in department or approved equivalent, and good academic standing. Faculty proctor required. Registration by permission only.
01:014:495 African Diaspora Field Study (3) Social and cultural study of selected communities of the African diaspora including African heritage, historical development, and analysis of contemporary issues. Prerequisite: Appropriate foreign language competency for non-English speaking locations.
01:014:497-498 Africana Studies Scholars Project (6,6) To graduate with highest honors, students must participate in this departmental honors project or, with approval, substitute the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) Honors Program. Both semesters must be completed to receive credit.
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