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  Rutgers Business School: Graduate Programs-Newark and New Brunswick 2022-2024 Degree Programs Part-Time M.B.A. Program Proficiency Requirements  

Proficiency Requirements

Incoming part-time M.B.A. students are expected to demonstrate competence in calculus, statistics, and computer skills. Faculty assume that students will have active knowledge of the required materials throughout the program.

Calculus/Statistics Proficiency

Calculus: Students who have completed a prior 3-credit undergraduate level course in calculus with a grade of B or better, will have satisfied this requirement.* AP calculus does not waive the prerequisite. There is no time limit for when the course was taken.

Statistics: Students who have completed a prior 3-credit undergraduate level course in statistics with a grade of B or better, and have done so within no more than four years of admission to RBS, will have satisfied this requirement.* 

Two ways to satisfy the prerequisite if needed:

Rutgers Business School-Newark and New Brunswick (RBS) requires the purchase of online Zoologic Business Essentials for all master of business administration (M.B.A.) students. You may use the calculus and statistics modules to satisfy your prerequisites by doing the course online and passing the final exam with a grade of 80 or better. No credits are earned toward the M.B.A. degree.

Calculus and statistics may be taken at a community college. To waive the prerequisite, you must earn a grade of B or better and send the transcript to RBS when the course(s) is completed. These credits will not count toward the M.B.A. degree. 

Part-time M.B.A. students have until the end of their first semester to complete this requirement.

*A completed 3-credit, college-level course in mathematics that carries the title "calculus" or "statistics" is presumed to meet the requirements. A course that does not carry the title "calculus" may qualify if it covers the following areas: algebra, functions, limits, differentiation, optimization, partial derivatives, and matrix algebra (operations and systems of equations). A course that does not carry the title "statistics" may qualify if it covers the following areas: descriptive statistics, probability, probability distributions, normal distribution, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests. Students who have completed such courses with a grade of B or better must provide copies of the college catalog description if the courses do not carry the title "calculus" and/or "statistics."

Computer Proficiency

Students are expected to have basic knowledge in the use of word processing, spreadsheet, and database programs as well as basic DOS and Windows skills. Students with limited exposure to computers might consider enrolling in a course prior to the beginning of classes.

Applicable to Students Starting in Spring 2021

All incoming students entering the part-time M.B.A. program are expected to be competent in calculus and statistics.

Prior to orientation, all students will take an online pre-test for calculus and statistics.

If the student passes both exams, they will have met the proficiency requirements.

If the student does not pass one or both exams, the student is required to attend a workshop for calculus and/or statistics, depending which proficiency was not satisfied. The workshop(s) will take place prior to the start of the semester (summer entry students will take the workshop(s) with the fall entry students). After the completion of the workshop(s), students will need to pass the post-test(s) in order to have met the proficiency requirements.

*Note that the workshops will be recorded, and students will have access to the recording as a refresher.

If the student does not pass the post-test(s), the student will use the recorded workshop(s) or use a tutor to prepare to retake the post-test(s) one more time. If the student still does not pass the proficiency test(s), the student will need to take the course(s) at Rutgers University or a local community college and achieve a grade of B or better. An alternative will be to take an approved course from an online provider. Reach out to your program adviser for details.

For additional information, contact RU-info at 848-445-info (4636) or
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