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Educational Psychology; Educational Theory, Policy, and Administration; Learning and Teaching
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Endocrinology and Animal Biosciences 340
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Engineering Management
English, Literatures in (English 350, Composition Studies 352)
English as a Second Language 356, American Language Studies 357
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Environmental Sciences 375
Exposure Science
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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program 554
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Labor and Employment Relations
Landscape Architecture 550
Latin American Studies
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Linguistics 615
Literature and Language 617
Literatures in English
Materials Science and Engineering 635
Mathematical Finance 643
Mathematics 640, 642, 644
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 650
Medical Device Design and Development
Medicinal Chemistry 663
Medieval Studies 667
Microbial Biology 682
Microbiology and Molecular Genetics 681
Molecular Biophysics 696
Molecular Biosciences 695
Music 700
Neuroscience 710
Nutritional Sciences 709
Oceanography 712
Packaging Engineering 731
Perceptual Science 714
Personal Care Science
Pharmaceutical Engineering
Pharmaceutical Science 720
Pharmaceuticals and Clinical Trials Management 725
Pharmacology, Cellular and Molecular 718
Philosophy 730
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Physiology and Integrative Biology 761
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Plant Biology 765
Political Science 790
Psychology 830
Psychology, Applied and Professional
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Public Policy
Quality and Reliability Engineering
Quantitative Biomedicine 848
Quaternary Studies 855
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Social Work: Administration, Policy and Planning, and Direct Practice
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Spanish 940
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Camden Newark New Brunswick/Piscataway
  Graduate School-New Brunswick 2017 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Geological Sciences 460 Graduate Courses  
Graduate School-New Brunswick
16:460:501 (S) Economic Geology (3) Geochemistry of hydrothermal ore deposits, including studies of alteration, ore mineral solubility, fluid inclusions, mass transfer, and stable and radiogenic isotopes. Feigenson. Prerequisite: 01:460:401 or 402 or equivalent.
16:460:503 (F) Studies in Paleontology (3) Topics include methods and case studies in systematics, evolution and extinction, paleogeography, paleoclimate, and other topics of current interest. Emphasis on the relationship between geological and biological processes. McGhee. Prerequisite: 01:460:303 or equivalent.
16:460:505 (F) Sedimentary Geology (3) Topics of current interdisciplinary research in sedimentary geology. Sequence stratigraphy, facies models, sea-level change, unconformities/hiatuses, tectonics, climate change, cyclicity, evolution, mass extinctions. Ashley, Feibel. Prerequisite: 01:460:341.
16:460:506 (S) Structure and Formation of the Earth (3) Topics of current research on the internal structure of the earth: mantle structure, phase changes, seismic discontinuities, trace-element/isotopic properties, mineral physics, core formation, meteorites, moons, and asteroids. Feigenson, Herzberg. Prerequisites: 01:460:302, 307, 401, or permission of instructor.
16:460:507 (S) Geodynamics (3) Topics of current research in structural geology, geophysics, and tectonics. Deformation of the crust and mantle; convection in the mantle and core; the gravity and magnetic field of the earth; plate tectonics and the origin of earthquakes and volcanoes. Levin.  Prerequisites: 01:460:307, 16:460:512.
16:460:508 (F) Mineral Phase Relations (3) Free-energy diagrams and phase diagrams, equilibrium and kinetics, nucleation theory, undercooling, diffusion. Major groups of rock-forming minerals; comparison of laboratory data and theoretical models with assemblages, compositions, and morphologies actually observed in slowly cooled and rapidly cooled rocks. Prerequisite: 01:460:302.
16:460:509 (F) Introduction to Planetary Science (3) Petrology and geochemistry of meteorites, origin of solar system, thermal history of asteroids. Delaney. Prerequisite: 01:460:302.
16:460:511 (S) Petrology (3) Basic principles of thermodynamics applied to solid-solid and solid-liquid equilibria in silicate systems; igneous and metamorphic processes that structured the petrology of the earth's crust and mantle through time. Herzberg. Prerequisites: 01:460:301, 302, or equivalent.
16:460:512 (S) Metamorphic Petrology (3) Principles of thermodynamics applied to the stabilities of mineral assemblages in metaigneous and metasedimentary rocks of the earth's crust; fluids in the crust; metamorphism and plate tectonics. Herzberg. Prerequisites: 01:460:301, 302, or equivalent.
16:460:513 (S) Volcanology (3) Geologic settings of volcanoes; geophysical and geochemical constraints on the origin of magmas; energetics and periodicity; volcanoes and earthquakes; eruption mechanisms; volcanic hazards and prediction; geothermal power and volcanogenic ore deposits. Prerequisite: 01:460:302 or equivalent.
16:460:514 (S) Depositional Environments (3) Examination of classic depositional environments, with emphasis on using modern analogues to interpret the geologic record. Sedimentary structures; cyclic sediments; facies models. Ashley. Prerequisite: 01:460:340 or equivalent.
16:460:515 (F) Advanced Tectonics (3) Plate tectonic theory; quantitative analysis of plate motions on a sphere; use of paleomagnetism and seismology in tectonics; causes of plate motion. Withjack. Prerequisites: Structural geology; two semesters of calculus.
16:460:516 (F) Advanced Structural Geology (3) Schlische, Withjack. Lec. 2 hrs., lab. 3 hrs. Prerequisites: Structural geology, two semesters of calculus and linear algebra.
16:460:519 (F) Mesozoic-Cenozoic Stratigraphy (3) Study of the Mesozoic-Cenozoic stratigraphic sequences in different basinal settings and their relationship to tectonic history. Miller. Prerequisite: 01:460:305.
16:460:525 (S) Marine Sedimentology (3) Examination of the physical processes of sedimentation on the continental shelf and continental slope environments. Interrelationship between organisms and sediment, as well as environmental problems. Ashley. Prerequisite: 01:460:340 or equivalent.
16:460:526 (F) Paleoceanography (3) Paleoecology, paleoclimatology, and paleogeography of marine microfossils; study of major paleoceanographic events and their relationships to stratigraphy and sedimentary facies. Miller, Rosenthal, Wright. Prerequisite: Paleontology.  
16:460:528 (F) Groundwater Modeling (3) Modeling of groundwater flow and associated mass/energy transport. Real examples used to formulate correct mathematical statement of problem; numerical models applied for solution. Reinfelder. Prerequisite: 01:460:428 or equivalent.
16:460:538 (S) Evolutionary Paleoecology (3) Evolution of ecological systems in geologic time; application of evolutionary theory to paleoecological patterns and processes. McGhee. Prerequisite: 01:460:303 or equivalent.
16:460:541 (F) Marine Geology (3) Structure and evolution of ocean basins, continental margins, and marine sediments. Mountain, Wright. Prerequisite: 01:460:341 or equivalent or permission of instructor.
16:460:551 (S) Isotope Geochemistry (3) Studies of stable and radiogenic isotopes in the earth's mantle and crust. The use of isotopes in age dating, source tracing, and geothermometry. Feigenson. Prerequisite: 01:460:401 or equivalent.
16:460:553 (F) Paleomagnetism (3) Applications of geomagnetism and paleomagnetic techniques to geological and geophysical problems. Topics include the modern geomagnetic field, secular variation, the earth dynamo, rock magnetism, paleomagnetic studies, geomagnetic reversals, magnetostratigraphy, paleointensity variations, apparent and true polar wander, environmental magnetism, and magnetic proxies of climate change. Kent. Prerequisite: 01:460:412 or equivalent.
16:460:555 (F) Geophysics I (3) Theory and application of seismic refraction, seismic reflection, deep-earth seismology, surface waves, and heat flow. Collection and interpretation of seismic data. Levin. Prerequisites: 01:460:307, 01:640:252, 01:750:204, or permission of instructor.
16:460:556 (S) Geophysics II (3) Theory and application of gravity, magnetics, paleomagnetics, and electrical prospecting. Measurement and interpretation of potential field anomalies. Levin. Prerequisites: 01:460:307, 01:640:252, 01:750:204, or permission of instructor.
16:460:557 Seismic Acquisition (3) Seismic fundamental stratigraphy: topics include seismic fundamentals, interpretational pitfalls, well logs, rock properties, and sequence stratigraphy. Students learn how to use 2D and 3D seismic data to define geologic environment and history, including the timing and style of deposition, the timing and style of deformation, and properties of the rocks.
16:460:560 (S) Numerical Methods in Paleoecology (3) Digital computational methods for paleoecologists and paleontologists; measurement systems and data transformation; statistics; discrete association and gradient analytic techniques for paleoecological research. Emphasis on applied data analysis. McGhee. Prerequisites: Calculus and statistics, or permission of instructor.
16:460:561 (F) Studies in Micropaleontology (3) Paleoecology and biostratigraphy of foraminifera; identification and interpretation of microscopic organic remains in rocks and sediments. Aubry. Prerequisites: 01:460:303, 341.
16:460:601,602 Advanced Studies in Geology (BA,BA)
16:460:610 Writing in the Geosciences (BA)
16:460:611 Seminar in Geology (BA) Special topics chosen each semester. Course may be taken more than once.
16:460:612 (F) Graduate Research Seminar (1) Presentation and discussion of current topics in geosciences, and faculty- and student-led group discussions on topics of professional development (some examples: paper authorship, reviewing papers and proposals, writing proposals, ethics and scientific fraud, funding, and news about science).
16:460:613 Seminar in Earth Magnetism (BA) Discussion of current research topics/published studies pertaining to paleomagnetism. Student reports.
16:460:614 Seminar in Seismic Stratigraphy (BA) Discussion of current research topics/published studies pertaining to seismic stratigraphy. Student reports. Mountain
16:460:615 Seminar in Paleoceanography (BA) Discussion of current research topics/published studies pertaining to paleoceanography. Student reports.
Miller, Rosenthal, Wright
16:460:616 Seminar in Volcanology (BA) Discussion of current research topics/published studies pertaining to volcanology. Student reports.
16:460:617 Seminar in Geochronology (BA) Discussion of current research topics/published studies pertaining to geochronology. Student reports.
Swisher, Turrin
16:460:618 Seminar in Ocean Ridge Processes (BA) Ocean ridges as the largest and most dynamic geological features on Earth including tectonic, magmatic, and hydrothermal processes, and the global role of ridges in chemical and thermal exchange, chemosynthesis at vent ecosystems, mineralization, plate reorganizations, and eustatic changes of sea level through time.
16:460:619 Seminar in Chronostratigraphy (BA) Aubry, Kent, Miller, Swisher
16:460:620 Seminar in Quaternary Geology (BA) Ashley, Feibel
16:460:621 Seminar in Geochemistry (BA) Feigenson
16:460:622 Seminar in Extensional Tectonics (BA) Schlische
16:460:623 Seminar in Exploratory Geophysics (BA) Withjack
16:460: 624 Seminar in Micropaleontology (BA) Aubry
16:460:625 Seminar in Sequence Stratigraphy (BA) Miller, Mountain
16:460:626 Seminar in Seismology (BA) Levin
16:460:627 Seminar in Paleogeography (BA) Kent
16:460:628 Seminar in Geomicrobiology (BA) Yee
16:460:629 (S) Seminar in Earth System Science (BA) Discussion of current research topics/published studies pertaining to earth system science. Student reports. Kopp
16:460:630 (S) Seminar in Planetary Science (BA) Current topics in planetary sciences through the geological evolution of the planets, satellites, and materials that make up our solar system. Gross, Tikoo
16:460:655,656 (F,S) Research Colloquium (1,1) Students attend weekly lectures by visiting scientists on current research in geosciences; one or more papers required on one or more of the topics covered.
16:460:701,702 Research in Geology (BA,BA)
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