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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2023 Rutgers School of Business-Camden Course Listing and Descriptions Management Science and Information Systems (623)  

Management Science and Information Systems (623)
52:623:201 Introduction to Business Computing (3) Introduction to computers and information technology, with an emphasis on personal computers and their applications. Understanding of and hands-on experience with application software including word processors, spreadsheets, database systems, electronic mail, and web browsers. Introductory problem solving and computer programming.
Prerequisite: Any course greater than 50:640:042 or 50:640:043 or 52:135:120 or 50:640:103 or 50:640:104 or 50:640:106 or 50:640:109 or 50:640:113 or 50:640:114 or 50:640:115 or 50:640:121 or 50:640:129 or 50:640:118. Students may not earn credit for both this course and 52:135:201.               
52:623:302 IT and Project Management (3) Information technology (IT) is a valuable resource needed to achieve the strategic goals of an organization. This course helps managers identify strategic objectives and manage projects that are important for information technology and ecommerce. Case studies and other assignments will support key concepts and ideal business practices while teaching how to balance critical organizational objectives. Prerequisite: 52:135:201 or 52:623:201.
52:623:335 Systems Analysis and Design (3) Analysis and design of information systems in organizations. Course includes the traditional life cycle approach and rapid application development used for designing information systems and applications. Emphasis on determining information requirements for development of ecommerce for both traditional and web-based businesses. Prerequisite: 52:135:201 or 52:623:201.
52:623:336 Decision Support and Analytics (3) Management information systems course analyzes the problem-solving style of decision-makers in business. Emphasizes analyzing and designing computer-based interactive decision support systems that aid decision-makers in solving semistructured problems. Prerequisite: 52:135:201 or 52:623:201.
52:623:343 Emerging Information Technology (3) Information technologies (IT) are often introduced into organizations without proper managerial support. This course examines many emerging information technologies and demonstrates how to successfully introduce these new technologies into organizations. Prerequisite: 52:623:201.
52:623:445 Global Issues in Ecommerce Technology (3) This international course serves to integrate all the strategic aspects of ecommerce. Business-to-consumer and business-to-business ecommerce explored through cases involving organizations whose ecommerce sites are evolving or those that have succeeded or failed. Prerequisite: 52:623:302.
52:623:447 Data Management and Analytics with R (3) Introduces students to modern database concepts, enables them to retrieve and manipulate data, and shows them how to perform analysis on the data using the language R. Significant emphasis will be placed on data retrieval and manipulation using SQL and using R for statistical analysis, predictive analytics, and presenting analysis results to support business decisions.
Prerequisites: 52:623:201 and (50:960:284 or 52:135:216 or 52:620:216). 
52:623:448 Fundamentals of Networks and Security for Business (3) Presents the concepts of data communication, computer networks, and information security that are especially relevant to the business environment. Students learn about fundamentals of data communication, computer networks in the modern enterprise, internet technologies, information security basics, and assessing and securing systems. Prerequisite: 52:623:302.
52:623:487 Independent Study in Ecommerce (3) Individual study under the supervision of the ecommerce and information technology faculty, usually on a specified project or paper, to deepen and broaden the student's professional horizon and enrich the educational experience. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor.
52:623:491 Special Topics in Management Information Systems (3) Designed to integrate course materials, introduce newer philosophies and techniques in management information systems (MIS), and apply them to selected problems. Extensive readings and research reports required. Topics vary from semester to semester. Taught by an ecommerce and information technology faculty member. Prerequisites: As determined by instructor.
52:623:497 Ecommerce and Information Technology Internship (3) The Rutgers School of Business-Camden internship program offers qualified students an opportunity to gain professional employment experience that complements their academic background in business. The internship program is designed to supplement the academic program by giving students a real-world employment experience prior to graduation. Prerequisite: Permission of internship director/instructor.
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