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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark Courses Management Science and Information Systems 623  

Management Science and Information Systems 623
29:623:220Management Information Systems (3) Microcomputer-based course that provides a comprehensive understanding of computer systems and application software. Hands-on approach to learning widely used spreadsheet, database, word processor, and presentation application packages and Internet tools.
29:623:311Production and Operations Management (3) Managerial ideas and techniques for scheduling and controlling production processes, planning, organizing, and controlling functions are developed through quantitative applications; interrelationships, behavioral aspects, and practical applications. Prerequisite: 29:623:220, 21&62:220:231, or equivalent.
29:623:318Systems Analysis and Design (3) Presents a practical approach to systems analysis and design using a blend of traditional development with current technologies. Defines and describes in detail the five phases of systems development life cycle (SDLC): systems planning, systems analysis, systems design, system implementation, and systems operations and support. Provides students with the tools for communications, economic analysis, and project planning across all phases of communications and SDLC. Furnishes students with an in-depth understanding of how information systems support business requirements in today's competitive environment. Prerequisite: 29:623:220.
29:623:319Database Management Systems for Business Applications (3) Examines conceptual data modeling. Focus on identifying user information requirements and the use of commercial database management systems in designing and implementing database systems. Prerequisites: 29:623:220, 311.
29:623:340Introduction to Business Research Methods (3) Focus on translating a business problem into a research project: formulate hypotheses, identify and locate data sources, consider ways to gather primary and secondary data, perform analysis using major statistical computer packages, effectively present findings and interpretation. Prerequisites: 21&62:220:231, 29:623:300.
29:623:375 Computer Network Applications (3) Introduction to features and resources of the Internet, with hands-on approach to using tools such as Telnet; FTP; electronic mail, bulletin boards, talk, and computer conferencing; file servers; the web; browsers; search methods; and Internet search engines. Also explored: construction of web pages using HTML and the UNIX operating system. Prerequisite: 29:623:220.
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