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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark Courses Management and Global Business 620  

Management and Global Business 620

The management major consists of the business core curriculum (42 credits) and five specialized management courses (15 credits). Two of the management courses are required: 29:620:345 Management of Human Resources and 29:620:325 Organizational Behavior.

29:620:300Principles of Management (3) Surveys classical, behavioral, systems, and contingency approaches to management; provides bases for understanding the functions of management and human behavior in work organizations; explores the influence of complex internal and external environments on management practice and theory.
29:620:325Organizational Behavior (3) Studies organization dynamics, motivation, organization socialization, interpersonal communication, and leadership. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:345Management of Human Resources (3) Explores traditional (staffing, training, job evaluation, compensation, and benefits administration) and contemporary (organizational change, employee ownership, cross-cultural, and international considerations) issues related to the management of human resources; emphasizes government legislation affecting human resource functions and the linkage between human resource management and firm strategy. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:350Negotiations (3) Examines the major concepts, theories, and processes of negotiation; analyzes the dynamics of interpersonal and intergroup conflict and its resolution in managerial settings; explores the structural (e.g., parities, position, interests) and process-oriented dynamics that occur during the negotiation process. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:355Managing Technology (3) Examines a range of problems in the management of technology, including stimulating creativity and innovation, translating creative ideas into innovative output by the organization, evaluating alternative projects, and developing strategies and structures that support organizational innovation. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:365New Venture Development (3) In-depth study and application of the process of creating a new venture; emphasizes the integration of entrepreneurship knowledge and skills through the creation of a business plan for a new venture; examines venture idea development and analysis, evaluation of the management team, financing, legal structures, and sources of assistance. Prerequisites: 29:522:360 and 29:620:300.
29:620:367Union-Management Relations (3) Studies federal and state legislation regulating employers and unions; analyzes union organizing, collective bargaining, and joint union-management committees; examines administration of the labor agreement, including grievance handling and arbitration. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:368International Business (3) The distinctive circumstances of management arising from the conduct of business in more than one country; international monetary system, trade framework, European economic community and regional groups, home and host country policies in international investments, and international agencies; relevant for the conduct of international business and for the management of the international corporation. Prerequisites: 29:390:329, 29:620:300.
29:620:370Managing Diversity in Organizations (3) Examines the demographic diversity of the U.S. labor force and the challenge it presents to organization managers; treats diversity from the perspective of cultures and subcultures. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:375Organizational Design and Change (3) Describes major perspectives on organizational structures, processes, and culture, and examines models of organizational change; introduces methodologies that facilitate creativity and change at the individual, group, and organizational levels. Prerequisite: 29:620:300.
29:620:418Business Policy and Strategy (3) Capstone course that deals with strategic decision making at the business and corporate levels that determines the competitive advantage of the firm and its short- and long-term performance. Topics include situation analysis, strategy, mergers/acquisitions, strategic alliances, and corporate restructuring. Prerequisites: 29:010:204, 29:390:329, 29:620:300, 29:630:301, senior status.
29:620:496,497Management Internship (BA) On-site management job in a corporation or not-for-profit organization. Prerequisites: Permission of Career Development Center and the dean's office.
29:620:498,499Independent Management Projects (3,3) An individual research and reading program under the guidance of a member of the department. Prerequisites: Senior status, 12 credits in management.
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