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About Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark

The Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark is a four-year undergraduate school. Its primary mission is to offer contemporary programs in accounting, finance, management, and marketing to students who are broadly educated in the liberal arts. These programs are intended to equip graduates to enter the workforce as skilled professionals, deal ethically and effectively with the myriad complex problems that arise in business, and lead rich lives, appreciative of their cultural heritage. As a secondary mission, the program prepares students wishing to pursue postgraduate study in law, business, and other disciplines.

Toward these ends, the faculty has set the following goals for all students:

1.Students should gain a substantive understanding of the current body of knowledge in their discipline.

2.All graduates should have good and practiced written and oral communications skills.

3.Students should acquire state-of-the-art knowledge of the uses and applications of computers in business.

4.Students should have experience in analyzing and addressing complex managerial problems in a team setting.

5.Students should be able to reason critically, gather and weigh evidence, and bring innovative approaches to problem solving.

6.Graduates should have an awareness of the international nature of economic life, and the international aspects of each element of the curriculum should be considered throughout the program.

7.Students should be able to perceive and address the ethical content of decisions and activities they undertake.

All programs have been accredited by the International Association for Management Education. All curriculum, staffing, and resources conform to the guidelines of that organization. The faculty strives to provide students a nurturing and responsive environment for their education. Students are encouraged to consult the Student Handbook prepared by the Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-Newark and available in Room 101, Engelhard Hall, and online at for any changes and additional clarification.

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