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Women's and Gender Studies 988
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  Graduate School–Newark 2015–2017 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Psychology 830  

Psychology 830

Degree Program Offered: Doctor of Philosophy

Director of Graduate Program: Kent Harber, Room 352 Smith Hall (973-353-3955)


Members of the Graduate Faculty


April Benasich, CMBN; Ph.D., New York
Developmental neuropsychology; language development in infants at risk for developmental delays

Alan Gilchrist, FAS-N; Ph.D., Rutgers
Visual perception; surface color perception

Mark A. Gluck, CMBN; Ph.D., Stanford
Theories of human learning and memory; neurobiology of learning and memory; computational neuroscience

Stephen J. Hanson, FAS-N; Ph.D., Arizona State
Cognitive sciences; connectionist models, concepts, and categorization

Barry R. Komisaruk, FAS-N; Ph.D., Rutgers
Neurophysiological study of pain and neuropharmacological suppression mechanisms; reproductive behavior in mammals

Kenneth Kressel, FAS-N; Ph.D., Columbia
Mediation of interpersonal and/or family conflict; clinical applications of social psychology

Harold I. Siegel, FAS-N; Ph.D., Rutgers
Attachment theory; adult attachment

Associate Professors:

Jennifer Austin, FAS-N; Ph.D., Cornell
Language acquisition; bilingualism and language contact

Paul Boxer, FAS-N; Ph.D., Bowling Green
Aggression and violence; social development; contextual influences on behavior

Mauricio Delgado, FAS-N; Ph.D., Pittsburgh
Behavioral and neural correlates of reward-related processing with an emphasis on how the affective properties of outcomes or feedback influence choice behavior

Raffaella DeRosa, FAS-N; Ph.D., Rutgers
Modern and contemporary theories of cognition, mental representation, and concept acquisition

Kent Harber, FAS-N; Ph.D., Stanford
Interracial feedback biases; coping and social support

Catherine Myers, FAS-N; Ph.D., London
Computational neuroscience (neural network models); learning and memory; experimental neuropsychology

Gretchen Van de Walle, FAS-N; Ph.D., Cornell
Perceptual and conceptual development in infancy

Assistant Professors:

Will Graves, Ph.D., Iowa
Functional brain imaging of language and reading; tracking in both space and time

Vanessa LoBue, Ph.D., Virginia
Infant and child development; emotional development

Luis M. Rivera, Ph.D., Massachusetts
Implicit social cognition; motivational processes underlying stereotyping and prejudice; effect of stigma on health and performance of stigmatized individuals

Professors Emeritus:

Colin Beer, FAS-N; D.Phil., Oxford
Ethology, history, and philosophical aspects of ethology; comparative psychology

Jay S. Rosenblatt, FAS-N; Ph.D., New York
Hormones and maternal behavior in mammals; mother-young interactions; behavioral development in mammals
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