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American Studies 050
Behavioral and Neural Sciences 112
Biology 120
Business and Science 137
Chemistry 160
Creative Writing 200
Criminal Justice 202
Economics 220
English 350 (Includes American Literature 352)
Environmental Science 375
Environmental Geology 380
Global Affairs 478
History 510
Jazz History and Research 561
Liberal Studies 606
Management 620
Mathematical Sciences 645
Graduate Courses
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Nursing 705
Peace and Conflict Studies 735
Physics, Applied 755
Political Science 790
Psychology 830
Public Administration 834
Urban Environmental Analysis and Management
Urban Systems 977 (Joint Ph.D. with NJIT)
Women's and Gender Studies 988
Divisions of the University
Camden Newark New Brunswick/Piscataway
  Graduate School–Newark 2015–2017 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Mathematical Sciences 645  

Mathematical Sciences 645

Degree Program Offered: Doctor of Philosophy

Director of Graduate Program at Rutgers-Newark: Zhengyu Mao, Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Smith Hall 320 (973-353-3907; email:

Director of Graduate Program at NJIT: Michael Booty, Department of Mathematical Sciences (NJIT) (973-596-3484)


Members of the Graduate Faculty*


Mark E. Feighn, FAS-N; Ph.D., Columbia
Geometric group theory 

Jane P. Gilman, FAS-N; Ph.D., Columbia
Hyperbolic geometry; Teichmüller theory; symbolic computation on Kleinian groups

Li Guo, FAS-N; Ph.D., Washington (Seattle)
Algebra and related number theory operands and mathematical physics

Zhengyu Mao, FAS-N; Ph.D., Columbia
Number theory; representation theory

Lee Mosher, FAS-N; Ph.D., Princeton
Low-dimensional topology; geometric group theory

Ulrich Oertel, FAS-N; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Low-dimensional topology

Diana Shelstad, FAS-N; Ph.D., Yale
Automorphic representation theory; harmonic analysis on reductive groups

Jacob Sturm, FAS-N; Ph.D., Princeton
Complex differential geometry; geometric PDE; number theory

Associate Professors:

William Keigher, FAS-N; Ph.D., Illinois (Urbana-Champaign)
Differential algebra; category theory; Baxter algebra

C. David Keys, FAS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
Harmonic analysis and representation theory of reductive p-adic groups; number theory

John Loftin, FAS-N; Ph.D., Harvard
Differential geometry; geometric PDE

John D. Randall, FAS-N; Ph.D., Warwick (UK)
Four-manifolds; algebraic geometry

Robert Sczech, FAS-N; Dr.rer.Nat., Bonn (Germany)
Number theory; special valves of Hecke L-functions and the cohomology of arithmetic groups

Assistant Professors:

Ioannis Sakellaridis, FAS-N; Ph.D., Stanford
Harmenic analysis; automorphic forms

Xiaowei Wang, FAS-N; Ph.D., Harvard
Geometric PDE

*This listing does not include members who are NJIT faculty.

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