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American Studies 050
Behavioral and Neural Sciences 112
Biology 120
Business and Science 137
Chemistry 160
Creative Writing 200
Criminal Justice 202
Economics 220
English 350 (Includes American Literature 352)
Environmental Science 375
Environmental Geology 380
Global Affairs 478
History 510
Graduate Courses
Jazz History and Research 561
Liberal Studies 606
Management 620
Mathematical Sciences 645
Nursing 705
Peace and Conflict Studies 735
Physics, Applied 755
Political Science 790
Psychology 830
Public Administration 834
Urban Environmental Analysis and Management
Urban Systems 977 (Joint Ph.D. with NJIT)
Women's and Gender Studies 988
Divisions of the University
Camden Newark New Brunswick/Piscataway
  Graduate School–Newark 2015–2017 Programs, Faculty, and Courses History 510  

History 510

Degree Programs Offered: Master of Arts, Master of Arts for Teachers

Director of Graduate Programs: Susan L. Carruthers, Room 318, Conklin Hall (973-353-5410)


Members of the Graduate Faculty


Susan L. Carruthers, FAS-N; Ph.D., Leeds (UK)
International history; U.S. foreign relations; cultural and media history

Zeynep «elik, NJIT; Ph.D., California (Berkeley)
Architectural history; urban history; cross-cultural history; archaeology and public history

Steven J. Diner, FAS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
U.S. urban history; U.S. immigration history; history of American higher education; U.S. Progressive Era

Ruth Feldstein, FAS-N; Ph.D., Brown
U.S. history, with focus on 20th-century culture and politics; women's and gender history; African-American history†

James Goodman, FAS-N; Ph.D., Princeton
Twentieth-century United States; race; politics, history, and fiction; narrative history

Jan Ellen Lewis, FAS-N; Ph.D., Michigan
American colonial history; early national period; history of gender

Beryl E. Satter, FAS-N; Ph.D., Yale
Twentieth-century United States; history of women; cultural history

Richard B. Sher, NJIT; Ph.D., Chicago
Enlightenment; technology; urban culture

Associate Professors:

Karen D. Caplan, FAS-N; Ph.D., Princeton
Latin American and Caribbean history; history of Mexico

Kornel Chang, FAS-N, Ph.D., Chicago
Modern United States; race, ethnicity, and immigration; Pacific world

Jon Cowans, FAS-N; Ph.D., Stanford
Modern Europe; France; political culture

Gary D. Farney, FAS-N; Ph.D., Bryn Mawr College
Roman republican history; Roman historiography; Roman archaeology

Eva Giloi, FAS-N; Ph.D., Princeton
Nineteenth- and 20th-century European history; modern Germany; cultural history

Neil Maher, NJIT; Ph.D., New York
American environmental history; 20th-century United States; political and social history

Stephen Pemberton, NJIT; Ph.D., North Carolina
Twentieth-century history of medicine, biomedical sciences, and technology; history of public health

Whitney Strub, FAS-N; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Modern United States; sexuality; law; film; culture; politics

Assistant Professors:

Daniel Asen, FAS-N, Ph.D., Columbia
East Asian history; history of science; urban history

Mark Krasovic, FAS-N; Ph.D., Yale
Modern United States; cultural; urban; public humanities

Alison L. Lefkovitz, NJIT, Ph.D., Chicago
Legal history; history of gender and sexuality; political history

Lyra D. Monteiro, FAS-N, Ph.D., Brown
United States; African American history; race and ethnicity; public history and public memory; intersections of public humanities and public art; inclusive museum practices

Timothy Stewart-Winter, FAS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
Modern United States; sexuality/gender; urban

Audrey Truschke, FAS-N; Ph.D., Columbia
India; South Asia

Nukhet Varlik, FAS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
Ottoman Empire; early modern Mediterranean; history of medicine
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