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  Graduate School–Newark 2015–2017 Programs, Faculty, and Courses Chemistry 160  

Chemistry 160

Degree Programs Offered: Master of Science, Doctor of Philosophy

Director of Graduate Program: John B. Sheridan, Olson Laboratories, Room 232, (973-353-1058)

Coordinator of Graduate Program: Frieder Jakle, Olson Laboratories, Room 336, (973-353-5064)


Members of the Graduate Faculty


Elena Galoppini, FAS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
Functionalization of semiconductor nanoparticles (with dyes, chromophores, and redox active groups); applications in photovoltaics (solar cells), sensors, and other devices

Frieder Jškle, FAS-N; Ph.D., Technical University of Munich
Conjugated organboranes for organic electronics; luminescent materials; stimuli-responsive and supramolecular materials; polymer-supported catalysts; chiral Lewis acids and Lewis pairs

Frank Jordan, FAS-N; Ph.D., Pennsylvania
Bioorganic chemistry; enzyme mechanisms; protein NMR

Roger A. Lalancette, FAS-N; Ph.D., Fordham
X-ray diffraction and the structure of solids; synthesis and characterization of nitrogen and sulfur complexes; hydrogen bonding in keto-carboxylic acids

Richard Mendelsohn, FAS-N; Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Biophysical chemistry; infrared microscope imaging and confocal Raman microscopy applications to skin biophysics and pharmacology; permeation mechanisms of pharmacological agents through the skin barrier; formation of layered structures in stratum corneum models

Piotr Piotrowiak, FAS-N; Ph.D., Chicago
Photoinduced charge and excitation transfer; excited-state dynamics; transient laser spectroscopy; electrolyte dynamics

Associate Professors:

Stacey Brenner-Moyer, FAS-N, Ph.D., Stanford
Organic synthesis with medicinal applications; new method development; asymmetric catalysis

Huixin He, FAS-N; Ph.D., Beijing
Carbon nanomaterials; battery applications; nanomedicine for cancer research; scanning-probe microscopy studies

W. Phillip Huskey, FAS-N; Ph.D., Kansas
Physical organic chemistry; mechanistic enzymology; isotope effects

John B. Sheridan, FAS-N; Ph.D., Bristol (England)
Transition-metal organometallic chemistry; synthesis, structure, and mechanism; applications to organic synthesis

Assistant Professors:

Jenny V. Lockard, FAS-N; Ph.D., California (Los Angeles)
Molecular spectroscopy; X-ray spectroscopy; applications to metal-organic frameworks; coordination complexes and materials

Michele Pavanello, FAS-N; Ph.D., Arizona
Density-functional theory and nonadiabatic dynamics with application to transfer of charge and excitation energy in biosystems, molecular electronics, and photovoltaics

Agostino Pietrangelo, FAS-N; Ph.D, British Columbia (Canada)
Cyclic polyene-containing conjugated polymers; bio-derived polymers for drug delivery applications

Michal Szostak, FAS-N, Ph.D., Kansas
Synthetic organic and organometallic chemistry; transition - metal catalysis; free-radical chemistry; C-H activation
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