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Course Planning


When first enrolling students will be contacted by their assigned adviser to start planning their schedule. It is important that students complete required placement tests early, submit all final transcripts (including college transcripts for courses taken while in high school), submit AP and IB test scores, and complete any questionnaires requested by advisers. Instructions for submitting official documents (transcripts and test scores) can be found through the enrollment checklists on the Rutgers Portal.

All Mason Gross degree programs are tightly prescribed, so it is important that students stick to the recommended course sequence to graduate on time. New undergraduate students will not gain access to change their schedule until after the first day of classes in their first semester. Once students gain access to adjust their schedule during the add/drop period, they are cautioned against making any changes without first speaking with an adviser, as changes may negatively impact their ability to graduate on time.


Students currently enrolled will be eligible to register for a subsequent semester during pre-registration. Continuing students gain access to registration based on the number of credits they have completed. The Priority Registration Calendar Schedule is available on the Registrar's website.


Students returning to Mason Gross after an absence will be able to register for classes once their re-enrollment has been processed and approved. Typically, re-enrollment applications will not be processed until after the pre-registration period, so please plan accordingly.


Undergraduate students at Mason Gross are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of courses available outside of their intended majors, as their schedules allow. Students who take a few courses in a certain subject may find that they have enough credits to declare a second major or minor in that area.

Students are encouraged to start taking these additional classes as soon as they are able but should wait until at least their second year before declaring the second major or minor on their transcript.

Note: Mason Gross students declared in a B.F.A. or B.M. program may not declare a second major in a Mason Gross curriculum (i.e., Art & Design, Dance, Film, Music, or Theater). However, Mason Gross students declared in a B.F.A. or B.M. program may declare a minor in another Mason Gross curriculum. For example, a Mason Gross B.F.A. Dance Major cannot declare a second major in music, but they can declare a music minor.

Students who would like to declare a second major or minor but are not sure if doing so would be right for them should speak with their advisor. Advisors will know what second majors/minors best complement specific majors and can assist students in choosing a major/minor that fits their personal strengths and interests.

Students should be sure to review the entry requirements for the major/minor they are exploring and note that the following majors require a separate application process and must be submitted directly to the offering school:
For all other programs, students should request to declare a second major/minor online through the Mason Gross MyMajor portal.


If students decide their Mason Major is not right for them, they may choose to transfer out of Mason Gross to another school within Rutgers University. When this happens, students should first speak with their adviser before changing their schedule on their own.

Any Mason Gross School of the Arts undergraduate student who wishes to transfer to another undergraduate school at Rutgers-New Brunswick may do so by filing a school-to-school transfer application, which is available online. Submission of the transfer application does not guarantee admission to the school or department of the student's choice and also does not guarantee the transfer of merit scholarships awarded to the student while enrolled at Mason Gross.

Each academic unit at Rutgers has different requirements for admission through the school-to-school application. Students should review these requirements if they are interested in enrolling in a different major at Rutgers and to see if they meet the criteria for admission.

**AGAIN, PLEASE NOTE: Students receiving a merit scholarship from Mason Gross must contact the scholarship administrator at the school to which they would like to transfer to see if their Mason Gross Award will be honored before they commit to transferring. Transfer of merit scholarships from one Rutgers unit to another is not guaranteed.
For additional information, contact RU-info at 732/932-info (4636) or
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