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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 General Information University Policies and Procedures Grades and Records Other Grade Symbols  

Other Grade Symbols

P/NC (Pass/No Credit).  A nonnumerical grade of Pass (equivalent to grades of A, B+, B, C+, and C) or No Credit (equivalent to grades of D and F) is assigned to any student who has registered for his or her course on that basis, when such registration is in accord with the regulations of the student's school and the faculty offering the course.

T (Temporary).  Grades of TB+, TB, TC+, TC, TD, TF, and TZ are used for all incomplete and temporary grades. Temporary grades are given at the discretion of the instructor when the student has not completed properly the coursework requirements (i.e., major assignments or examinations). Students enrolled in courses in the School of Engineering receive a grade of TF if the final examination is not taken at the scheduled time. The letter grade following the T represents the grade the instructor would assign if the outstanding work were to remain uncompleted, except for the TZ grade. The TZ grade should be assigned only when a student is unable to finish his or her work due to a verifiable emergency situation. The student and faculty member are urged to reach an agreement as soon as possible as to how the course should be completed. The TZ will have no immediate effect on a student's grade-point average; however, if the situation is not resolved within the following semester, the TZ will convert to an F, and the grade-point average will be recalculated accordingly. Temporary grades become permanent if the work is not completed as required and no notice is received from the instructor to convert the temporary grade to a permanent one. In no case is this permanent grade lower than the assigned letter grade. Fall semester T grades must be completed by May 1; spring and summer T grades by December 1. However, it remains the prerogative of an individual faculty member and/or the office of the dean of the faculty offering the course to set earlier deadlines and internal procedures for completing the work required. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor for an interpretation of the T grade and to establish a timetable for the completion of coursework.

W (Withdrawal).  A W is assigned when a student has withdrawn from a course, without any evaluation made of coursework, on or before the completion of eight weeks of any regular semester with the permission of the appropriate authority designated by each faculty. Under no circumstances shall the assignment of W be allowed when the withdrawal from a school is dated during the last two full weeks of instruction in any semester. Should withdrawal occur without permission, the instructor will give the appropriate letter grade.

NG (No Grade Given).  Where no grade is assigned on the final grade roster by the faculty member, an NG (No Grade Given) will be assigned. The NG will have no immediate effect on the student's grade-point average; however, if the situation is not resolved within the following semester, the NG will convert to an F, and the grade-point average will be recalculated accordingly.

H (Honors).  Used in lieu of a grade for the first semester of a full-year school or departmental honors course. Credits for H grades are not calculated into the student's cumulative grade-point average until the final grade is assigned upon completion of the honors course. Course credits are included, however, in the total number of degree credits.

S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory)Grades used in courses where the N credit prefix is used.

XF (Disciplinary F).   Used as a sanction for violations of Academic Integrity policies. Requests for removal of the X from an XF grade must be submitted in writing to the New Brunswick Campus Appeals Committee. Such requests will not be considered until at least 18 months from the time of the violation that resulted in the XF. In order for the request to be granted, the student, at a minimum, following the original violation, must have an exemplary record with respect to academic integrity, must have completed a Rutgers academic integrity workshop or seminar, and must satisfactorily answer a required series of essay questions on why the X should be removed. The Campus Appeals Committee shall make the final decision concerning the request. If the request is denied, the student must wait another year to submit another request.

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