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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy Course Listing Policy, Health, and Administration 775 Course Listing  

Policy, Health, and Administration 775 Course Listing

Policy, Health, and Administration
 The Policy, Health, and Administration sequence of courses represent a series of skills and competences that extend among and between the major program and discipline areas including:
  • 501  Health Administration
  • 652  Medical Ethics and Policy
  • 762  Planning and Public Policy
  • 832  Public Health
  • 833  Public Policy
  • 843  Public Administration and Management
  • 971  Urban Planning and Design
  • 975  Urban Studies

10:775:101 Introduction to Planning, Policy, and Health (3) Overview of public health, public policy, and urban planning with an emphasis on how these fields intersect in a U.S. context.
10:775:205 Basic Statistical Methods (4) Introduction to descriptive and inferential statistics, data presentation, and analysis: sampling methods, probability, estimation, hypothesis testing, and chi-square.
10:775:297 Exploratory Internship (BA) Working with a health care professional, students learn about the roles and functions within the field.
10:775:300 Writing for Professionals (3) Formulate ideas, use critical thinking, and analyze information to produce the types of appropriate, clear, and effective writing used by professionals.
10:775:395 Research Methods (4) Research concepts and skills applied to public health, public policy, and planning. Includes development of original and online data sources, coding, appropriate selection of statistical methods for analysis, and professional presentation of results.
10:775:396 Data Visualization for Health, Administration, and Policy (3) Learn how to design and create ways to communicate numeric information to public health, policy, planning, and administrative audiences using Excel and other common software. Formats include infographics, fact sheets, and slides for budget and other presentations.
10:775:450 Leadership Seminar (3) Application and synthesis of skills to analyze options, set priorities, communicate goals, and demonstrate emotional intelligence. Focus on leadership, collaboration, professionalism, and project management. Open to majors only.
10:775:497,498 Bloustein Honors Research I,II (3,3) Bloustein Honors Research I,II is a two-semester, six-credit course sequence for students enrolled in the Bloustein Honors Research Program. The program is a formal, supervised yearlong project that involves both a peer classroom learning environment under the guidance of the course instructor and research with an individual faculty mentor.
10:775:499 Professional Practice Internship (6) Completion of a 225-hour professional experience requiring completion of an outcomes-driven project under the supervision of a field preceptor and a faculty supervisor. Projects are presented in a public forum. Prerequisites: 10:775:395, 10:775:450, and 100 credits toward graduation.
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