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  The Graduate School of Education 2022-2024 Academic Policies and Procedures Special Policies Governing the Graduate School of Education's Initial Teacher Certification Programs Program Completion Requirements  

Program Completion Requirements

Students must have:

  • earned a bachelor's degree with an appropriate major for area of certification;
  • submitted a portfolio/writing requirement or passed a comprehensive examination if required by their program;
  • satisfied the general education distribution;

  • completed 60 credits in liberal arts (these credits can include courses in the major but cannot include courses in professional education and/or other vocationally oriented coursework [accounting, engineering, etc.]); School 05 (Graduate School of Education undergraduate) or School 15 (Graduate School of Education graduate) courses may not be included; (NOTE: Students admitted prior to February 1, 2017, are required to complete 90 liberal arts credits);
  • satisfied the physiology and hygiene requirement (administered by the Office of Student and Academic Services [OSAS]) during the final spring semester);

  • achieved a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0 in the master's degree; (NOTE: Students admitted prior to February 1, 2017, are required to achieve a minimum GPA of 2.75);
  • submitted a portfolio of exemplary work; 

  • satisfied the New Jersey State Department of Education requirement for training in the prevention of harassment, intimidation, and bullying (HIB); and
  • satisfied all requirements listed on the program control sheet.

NOTE: Courses used to satisfy the general education distribution and 60 credits in liberal arts may be satisfied at Rutgers University or at another accredited college or university (including community colleges). The credits do NOT need to be transferred to your Rutgers transcript, but you must submit an original transcript to the OSAS once a grade is posted.


The edTPA is a performance-based assessment that must be completed during the internship semester. Beginning September 1, 2017, candidates must pass the edTPA to earn an initial teacher license (CEAS) in New Jersey.

The edTPA process is built around three-to-five continuous days of standards-based, subject-specific classroom instruction delivered by a candidate, typically at the midpoint of Clinical Practice Phase 3. It measures a candidate's ability to plan, instruct, assess, and analyze their teaching. It included unedited video recordings of the candidate teaching and examples of teaching materials (lesson plans, teaching tools, assignments) that demonstrate how the candidate planned instruction, adapted it for diverse learners, and assessed student work.

Each edTPA portfolio is scored by qualified and trained teachers and teacher educators who are subject matter experts with experience supporting beginning teachers.

You can learn more about the edTPA requirements via your Graduate School of Education (GSE) coursework and at their website,

Professional Portfolio

In addition to an award of a master's degree, the GSE five-year programs culminate in a recommendation to the New Jersey Department of Education for an appropriate teacher license(s). It is the responsibility of the GSE program faculty to assure that students have the knowledge, skills, and dispositions worthy of that license. In addition to course grades, GPAs, and other traditional measures of student quality, the GSE faculty will utilize an electronic portfolio of student work as a primary assessment tool. The contents of the portfolios will be generated by students throughout the program and will be graded by faculty members using rubrics aligned to the New Jersey Professional Standards for Teachers and the Charlotte Danielson Framework for Teaching. Portfolio items will be housed within a secure online management tool.

For additional information, contact RU-info at 848-445-info (4636) or
Comments and corrections to: One Stop Student Services Center.

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