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  Camden Graduate Catalog 2021-2023 Graduate School-Camden English 350, 352, 354, 615, 842 Graduate Courses (Rhetoric 842)  

Graduate Courses (Rhetoric 842)

56:842:551 Art of Persuasion (3) This course introduces rhetorical concepts for teachers of literature and writing.
56:842:552 Theories of Rhetoric (3) A critical survey of major figures and movements in rhetorical theory with an emphasis on modern and post-modern contributions to a rhetorical tradition, including those by Bakhtin, Booth, Burke, Habermas, and Perelman/Olbrechts-Tyteca.
56:842:553 History of Rhetoric (3)

A survey of key texts and ideas in a rhetorical tradition whose roots began in classical Greece and Rome. Major figures include the pre-Socratic sophists, Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Quintilian, Augustine, Erasmus, Christine de Pisan, Campbell, Blair, and Whately.

56:842:554,555 Special Topics in Rhetoric (3,3) Readings in a specific topic chosen by the instructor.
56:842:556,557 Independent Study in Rhetoric (3,3)

Independent study in directed readings. Available by special arrangement. 

56:842:560 Theories of Composition (3) Students investigate theories and representations of the writing process, as voiced by creative writers and scholars, who, in their literature, reflect upon the process of struggling into expression.
56:842:561 Teaching of Writing: Theory and Praxis (3) This course helps students meet the challenge of understanding, evaluating, and applying the arguments of composition theorists, practitioners, and artists, all of whom critique and offer alternative methods of teaching writing.
56:842:562 Discourse, Genre, and the Teaching of Writing (3) A study of how two concepts, discourse and genre, inform the study and the teaching of writing, this course explores the situated, social character of communication.  
56:842:563 Computers and Writing (3)

A critical survey of scholarship on the relations among practices, pedagogies, literacies, and technologies with respect to (chiefly) written composition in the wake of the digital "revolution." Topics to be considered include access, collaboration, assessment, interactivity, emergent media, and networked environments.

56:842:564 Literacy Studies (3)

Students study the burgeoning field of literacy studies, stressing the unique discursive practices used by various discourse communities.

56:842:565,566 Special Topics: Writing and Media (3,3)

Readings in a specific field chosen by the instructor.

56:842:567,568 Independent Study: Writing and Media (3,3)

Independent study in directed readings.  Available by special arrangement. 

56:842:569 Practicum in the Teaching of Writing (3) A practicum limited to new instructors of composition, with emphasis on syllabus and assignment design, classroom management, evaluation of writing, and integration of theory and practice.
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