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  Camden Graduate Catalog 2021-2023 Graduate School-Camden English 350, 352, 354, 615, 842 Graduate Courses (American Literature 352)  

Graduate Courses (American Literature 352)

56:352:501,502 Independent Study in American  Literature (3,3) Independent study in directed readings. Available only by special arrangement.
56:352:503 Survey of American Literature (3) This course prepares students to study and design surveys in American literature. This course satisfies the Teaching Classics portion of the one-year master of arts program.
56:352:504 Slave Narratives (3) This course surveys slave narratives and prepares teaching professionals for designing surveys in slave narratives. This satisfies the Teaching Classics portion of the one-year master of arts (M.A.) program, but it is also open to general M.A. students.
56:352:505 Urban Literature and Poetry (3) This course surveys the vibrant intersection of urban culture, literature, poetry, and performance.
56:352:509,510 Studies in American Literature (3,3) Selected major writers seen in their historical or intellectual relationships.
56:352:511 American Literature to 1900 (3) Selected major authors, such as Hawthorne, Melville, Dickinson, and James.
56:352:522 Twentieth-Century American Fiction (3) Selected works of modern and contemporary American writers.
56:352:525 Twentieth-Century American Poetry (3)   Major American poets of the 20th century.
56:352:526 Modern American Drama (3) Selected major playwrights, such as Odets, O'Neill, Williams, Miller, Albee,  Kushner, and Parks.
56:352:527 Recent American Writing (3) Studies of contemporary literature in selected genres.
56:352:529 Studies in African-American Literature (3) Study of major black poets, fiction writers, and dramatists.
56:352:532 The American Child in Literature and Culture (3) Literary views of childhood and youth in the context of American nationhood, with attention to innocence, protection, violence, diversity, and citizenship.
56:352:533 Literature of Adolescence (3) Literary, cultural, and historical constructions of adolescence in a range of literature written for young readers.
56:352:534 Literary Inventions of Adolescence (3) Analysis of the growth of the adolescent figure in fiction of the 20th and early 21st centuries.
56:352:535 Studies in Children's Literature (3)

Selected topics in children's literature.

56:352:593,594 Special Topics in American Literature (3,3) Readings in a specific field chosen by the instructor.
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