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Course Information

Graduate Courses. Qualified undergraduate students who wish to take courses offered by the graduate faculty may do so if they receive the approval of the instructor, the director of the program offering the course, and their undergraduate adviser.

Internships and Fieldwork. Students ordinarily may count no more than 8 credits (12 credits in visual arts and theater) of fieldwork or internships toward their degree in addition to any fieldwork or internships considered an integral part of their major program of study.

Pass/No Credit Courses. Mason Gross School of the Arts students are not permitted to register for courses on a Pass/No Creditbasis, unless the course is so designated by the department.

Repeated Courses. With the permission of the department, a student may repeat a course taken at Rutgers in which a grade of D or F was earned.* ** If the grade is improved, the student may request that the original grade be removed from the calculation of the cumulative grade-point average. The original grade of D or F, however, remains on the transcript. The repeated course must be taken at Rutgers-New Brunswick.

The option to repeat a course may be used only once for a given course. If a student fails or receives a D in a course a second time, only the second attempt is computed into the cumulative grade-point average.

In order for a change resulting from the repetition of a course to be made to a student's cumulative grade-point average, a course repeat form, available on the Mason Gross website, must be completed by the student. Forms for repeated liberal arts courses should be submitted to the dean of students. Forms for repeated artistic courses should be submitted to the student's department academic adviser.

Once approved, repeated courses not calculated in the GPA will appear on the student's transcript with an E prefix.

Attendance. Students are expected to attend all scheduled course meetings. Individual programs may have particular requirements for reporting absences. Students should consult their department. In general, when absences are so excessiveas to impair the student's academic or artistic achievement in any course, a report is sent by the instructor to the Office of the Dean. Reasons for absences are then investigated and sent to the instructor.

Students are expected to notify the dean's office if they find it necessary to be absent from class for one week or more.

The work missed due to class absences is the responsibilityof the student to make up. The extent to which such work is counted toward the student's grade is left to the discretion of the instructor. In the case of a reported absence from a final examination, the dean's office determines whether or not the student is entitled to a makeup final examination.

Studio Course and Program Fees.Some programs and courses in the Mason Gross School of the Arts require the payment of an additionalfee for professional program expenses and items such as materials and tickets. These fees are nonrefundable.

*Departmental permission is necessary only for Mason Gross School of the Arts (school 07) courses.
**Theater majors may repeat only general theater requirements and liberal arts courses.

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