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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2015–2017 School of Environmental and Biological Sciences Programs of Study Plant Biology 776  

Plant Biology 776

Degree: B.S.

Director: Donald Y. Kobayashi (

Program Webpage:

Managing Department Webpage:

Phone (Ext.)
Stacy Bonos
Foran 239A
848 932-6367
Bruce B. Clarke
Foran 338
848 932-6295
Joel S. Flagler
Thomas  J. Gianfagna
Foran 280
848 932-6369
Joshua A. Honig
Bingru Huang
Foran 239B 
Foran 301
848 932-6347
Harry W. Janes
Foran 123
848 932-6324
Donald Y. Kobayashi
Foran 337
844 932-6393
William Meyer
Foran 296A
848 932-6222
James Murphy
Peter Oudemans
Jmaes Simon
Foran 270

Foran 396C
848 932-6326
732-932-4000 ext. 4420
James F. White
Foran 294A
848 932-6286

The plant science program prepares students for careers or further study in areas related to food, fiber, turfgrass, ornamental plant production, pest management, plant breeding, plant pathology, or plant science education. The curriculum offers three options: horticulture and turf industry, for students intending to pursue business careers; research, for students intending to pursue careers in laboratories or graduate study; and horticultural therapy.


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