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  School of Social Work 2022-2024 Academic Policies and Procedures Policy for Pregnant and New Parent Students  

Policy for Pregnant and New Parent Students

Pursuant to the Pregnant Worker's Fairness Act ("PWFA"), N.J.S.A. 10-5-12 (a)-(s) (enacted in 2014), pregnancy in any form (high risk or normal) is a "protected class" under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination "("NJLAD".) This policy applies to both expectant and new parent women and men.

The student must request an accommodation and this accommodation must be on the advice of her treating physician. The student must provide the assistant dean for student affairs with a doctor's note in order to receive accommodations. The student cannot be penalized for requesting accommodations or using it, if and when it is granted.

It is not considered reasonable for the curriculum, course requirements, or attendance policies to be altered. A student may not expect course requirements to be waived but they may be given an alternate way to make up these requirements. These accommodations may include a temporary grade and extra time to submit assignments or a withdrawal and re-registration in the future without penalty.

A pregnant student will not be penalized under the school's attendance policy if they are unable to make a class due to pregnancy, but will be required to make up these classes when they are able in order to get credit for the course. This alternative is a reasonable accommodation and may include withdrawal from the course and re-registration in the future. A pregnant student who has provided documentation will not be given a grade of F because they were not able to attend class sessions. The student must be given the opportunity to withdraw from the course and take it when they are able.
For additional information, contact RU-info at 848-445-info (4636) or
One Stop Student Services Center.

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