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  School of Social Work 2019-2021 Degree Programs Master of Social Work Program (M.S.W.) Blended M.S.W. Program  

Blended M.S.W. Program

Blended M.S.W. Program Sequence

Year 1 (Generalist Curriculum)

19:910:502 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I (3)

19:910:505 Methods of Social Work Research I (3)

19:910:506 Diversity and Oppression (3)

19:910:507 Clinical Assessment and Diagnosis (formerly Psychopathology) (3)

19:910:500 Social Work Practice I with Individuals, Families, and Groups (3)

19:910:526 Field Education Practicum 1 (2)

Field Orientation/Seminar (NC)

Total = 17 credits

Year 2 (Generalist/Specialized Curriculum)

19:910:501 Social Work Practice I with Organizations and Communities (3)

19:910:504 Social Welfare Policy and Services I (3)

19:910:585 Social Welfare Policy and Services II (3)

19:910:595 Methods of Social Work Research II (3)

19:910:___ General Elective (3)

19:910:___ General Elective (3)

19:910:524 Field Education Practicum 2 (2)

19:910:558 Field Education Practicum 3 (2)

Total = 22 credits

Year 3 (Specialized Curriculum)

19:910:511 Clinical Social Work Practice I (3) or 19:910:535 Management Practice and Theory (3)

19:910:512 Clinical Social Work II (3) or 19:910:563 Program and Strategic Planning (3)

19:910:___ Advance Practice Distribution Requirement (3)

19:910:___ Human Behavior Distribution Requirement (3)

19:910:___ Elective (3)

19:910:618 Field Education Practicum 4 (2)

19:910:621 Field Education Practicum 5 (2)

19:910:594 Field Education Practicum 6 (2)

Total = 21 credits

Total Credits = 60

Students admitted on conditional status without an introductory statistics course that covers descriptive and basic inferential statistical procedures may not enter the specialized curriculum until they complete such course.

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