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  School of Public Health 2022-2024 Courses Public Health Core Courses  

Public Health Core Courses

PHCO 0501 Health Systems and Policy (3) Against the background of changes in population health, this course introduces the history, organization, financing, and regulation of medical and public health services in the United States. Special emphasis is placed on the social and behavioral factors that shape health and inequalities in health and health services. A central theme is the tension between the need for health care organizations to position themselves for success in the changing economic environment and the basic public health principles of access, equity, quality care, health promotion, and prevention. This course is offered every semester.
PHCO 0502 Principles and Methods of Epidemiology (3) This course introduces students to the study of disease and ill health through their patterns of occurrence in human populations. The approaches of epidemiology in estimating the burden of disease, in making inferences about cause of disease, and in evaluating primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention strategies are presented. This course is offered every semester.
PHCO 0503 Introduction to Environmental Health (3) This course will explore ways in which environments can and do affect health. Students will examine how ecosystems provide goods and services that support life and health, and how natural and human activity can lead to harm from biological, chemical, physical, and radiological agents in air, water, soil, food, homes, and workplaces. Students will apply multidisciplinary concepts and analysis from ecology, toxicology, epidemiology, and behavioral science; and review policies intended to improve public health by altering or maintaining environments. This course is offered every semester.
PHCO 0504 Introduction to Biostatistics (3) An introduction to biostatistical concepts and methods commonly encountered by public health professionals. Students are also expected to complete several computer-based exercises for this course. Prerequisite: Quantitative Skill Assessment Test. This course is offered every semester.
PHCO 0505 Social and Behavioral Health Sciences in Public Health (3) This course provides students with an overview of the concepts, principles, and methods of health education and behavioral science. Health education is introduced as one of the core public health functions. The course will review behavioral determinants of health and consider these in the context of behavior change theories. In addition, the course aims to provide students with an applied overview of needs assessment as well as program planning and evaluation methods, which are critical to implementing and sustaining effective public health programs. This course is offered every semester.
PHCO 0512 Public Health Foundations (3) This course will introduce M.S. and Ph.D. students to the general principles, theories, and practices of public health. Students will be introduced to history and functions of public health, strategies and methods used in public health research, and the determinants of health. Prerequisite: Student must be in the M.S. in biostatistics or Ph.D. program of study. This course is offered every spring semester.
PHCO 0513 Leadership and Management Essentials for Public Health (3) This course will introduce students to the general leadership and management principles, theories, and practices in public health. Students will also be introduced to cultural competence and interprofessional education, as well as develop basic negotiation and mediation skills. This course is offered every semester.
PHCO 0514 Public Health Foundations for MS-HOPE (1) This course will introduce MS-HOPE students to the core functions of public health, globalization, and its effects on disease, as well as the biological, genetic, environmental, behavioral, and psychological factors that affect a population's health. Students will also gain an ecological perspective on the connections among human health, animal health, and ecosystem health (e.g., One Health). Prerequisite: Student must be in the M.S.-HOPE program of study. This course is offered every fall semester.
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