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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2020-2022 School of Arts and Sciences-Newark Newark College of Arts and Sciences Academic Requirements Major Programs  

Major Programs

In addition to fulfilling the core curriculum requirements, every degree candidate must select a special field of knowledge for intensive study. Students may declare a major as early as their first semester enrolled; they must do so by the end of their sophomore year and in accordance with the major requirements. The Office of Academic Services and the Career Development Center can provide assistance to students who are undecided about an appropriate program to pursue. Specific information about the requirements for the various majors offered at the college is found in the section on program requirements.

As a general rule, a major consists of 30 to 70 credits of coursework in a discipline, but specific requirements are set by each academic department and are subject to modification. Students must satisfy the requirements specified by the department of their major at the time they officially declare that major. Students leaving the college for two or more semesters must meet the requirements in place at the time they reenroll.

Students interested in a particular major must consult with the appropriate department chair or program director concerning current requirements for the major, necessary prerequisites, and the acceptability of any transfer credits. Once a decision has been made to pursue a major, it is the student's responsibility to file a Declaration of Major form in the department that offers that major.

No course in which a grade of D or F has been earned may be counted toward completion of a major. Most majors require a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.0, and any exceptions are noted in the description of the major under the section on program requirements. All students, including transfer students, must complete at least one-half of the credits required for their major at the college.

The following majors are offered at Newark College of Arts and Sciences. Requirements in each major are described in the Academic Programs and Courses section of this catalog.

Programs of Study:

African American and African Studies (014), B.A.

Anthropology (070), B.A.

Art* (080), B.A.

--specialization in:

              Art History

              Fine Arts

Biology* (120), B.A., B.S.

--specialization in:
  Biology: Cell and Molecular (120A), B.A.
  Biology: Ecology and Evolution (120B), B.A.

  Biology: Neurobiology (120C), B.A.

  Biology: Plant Science (120D), B.A.

Chemistry* (160), B.A.

Clinical Laboratory Science** (191), B.S.

--specialization in:

              Medical Laboratory Sciences (191D), B.S.

Computer Science (198), B.A.

Economics* (220), B.A.

English* (350), B.A.

Environmental Science (375), B.S.

Geology* (460), B.A, B.S.

Geoscience Engineering (465), B.S.

Health Information Management (504)**

History* (510), B.A.

Journalism (086), B.A.

Mathematics* (640), B.A.

Mathematics, Applied (642), B.A.

Medical Imaging Sciences** (658), B.S.

Music* (087), B.A.

Neuroscience and Behavior (706)

Philosophy (730), B.A.

Physics* (750), B.A.

Physics, Applied (755), B.A.

Political Science* (790), B.A.

Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies (812), B.A.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation and Psychology** (819), B.S.

Psychology (830), B.A.

Social Work (910), B.A.

Sociology (920), B.A.

Spanish* (940), B.A.

Theater (088), B.A.

-specialization in:

              Performance (088)

              Technical (088B)

Video Production (089), B.A.

Visual Arts* (081), B.F.A.

--specialization in:

Graphic Design (081D)

Women's and Gender Studies (988), B.A.

*Teacher certification is available in conjunction with this major. See the education section of the catalog for further information.
**Joint degree program with the Rutgers School of Health Professions.


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