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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008 College of Nursing Course Listing School Nurse Certificate Program Courses  

School Nurse Certificate Program Courses
25:705:470Teaching Process in Nursing (3) Focuses on current educational practices including history of education, educational theories, objectives or policies, teaching and evaluation strategies. Strategies for teaching children, adolescents, and adults will be presented. Students will develop, present, and critique health education plans for individuals, groups, and/or communities.
25:705:480School Health Nursing (6)

Focuses on the specialized practice of the school nurse within the nursing and educational professions. The Comprehensive School Health program including health services, health education, and a healthy school environment will be described. The role of the school nurse as a service provider, health advocate, health educator, case finder/manager, and collaborator with families, educators, and the Health Care Delivery System to promote the health and well-being of students will be evaluated. New Jersey state mandate governing school health and nursing services will be explored in depth.

25:705:481School Health Nursing Practicum (6)

Focuses on the application of knowledge of nursing and education theories as well as state mandates in the care of children in the school setting, K-12. Emphasis is placed on the promotion of health and wellness in the school- age child as well as providing nursing services to children with acute and chronic health problems and those with special needs. Students will work under the supervision of a Certified School Nurse and a Teacher of Health. The student will participate in the roles and activities of the school nurse and participate in planning and implementing health education classes with experienced teachers. Students will meet and be observed in the field by nursing faculty and meet for weekly seminars throughout the term.

25:705:482, 483School Health Nursing Practicum I,II (3,3)

Continuation of 25:705:481.

05:300:306Educational Psychology/Principles of Classroom Teaching (3)

Surveys areas of psychology most relevant to education. How children think, learn and remember; influence of motivation; principles of measurement.

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