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  Newark Undergraduate Catalog 2006-2008 College of Nursing Course Listing Nursing Electives  

Nursing Electives
25:705:240-241Honors Seminar I,II (1,1) Provides experiences that will open student's minds to the opportunities and intellectual resources inherent in the discipline, nursing research, and research-based practice. Focus is on unfolding a dialogue between the student's potential and personal vision and interests.
25:705:393-394Honors Colloquium I,II (1.5,1.5) Provides students with the opportunity to conduct an integrated review of the literature in an area of interest with close mentorship of faculty.
25:705:400Independent Study (BA) Opportunity for independent study in nursing in an area of interest to be carried out under the supervision of an instructor and with the approval of the assistant dean for the undergraduate program. Students must arrange for a project supervisor within the College of Nursing prior to registering for the course. Open only to junior and senior nursing students, and others by special permission.
25:705:450Nursing Topics (3) Offers the opportunity to explore a specific area in depth. Recent topics include exploration of loss, computers in nursing, pharmacology, and health care of the aged. Theories and specialized knowledge are the foundation of the course.
25:705:470Teaching Process in Health Education (3) Focuses on current educational practices including history of education, educational theories, objectives or policies, teaching and evaluation strategies. Strategies for teaching children, adolescents, and adults will be presented. Students will develop, present, and critique health education plans for individuals, groups, and/or communities
25:705:490Nursing Informatics (3) Focuses on the analysis and development of computer programs for nursing. Topics include computer systems, information systems, computer-based education, decision making with computers, and artificial intelligence. Development of computer literacy skills and computer applications in nursing practice.
25:705:494-495Senior Honors Project (3,3) Provides students with the opportunity to conduct a research project in an area of interest with close mentorship of faculty. Projects may include quantitative or qualitative research methods. Open only to nursing students with an undergraduate cumulative grade-point average of 3.8 or higher.
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