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  Mason Gross School of the Arts 2020-2022 Graduate Programs in Dance Required Course of Study  

Required Course of Study


The master of fine arts (M.F.A.) curriculum includes sequential scaffolding of coursework with intersecting course content in an effort to encourage integrated learning. Based on the M.F.A. degree program goals, curriculum areas include:


Graduate Technique
Graduate Rotation Workshop
Somatic Survey
Faculty and Guest Artist
Independent Graduate Repertory
Graduate Production


Creative Process: Improvisation Strategies
Creative Research 1: Cross-Disciplinary Methods
Creative Research 2: Interdisciplinary Methods
Graduate Colloquium II
History of Creative Engagement

Thesis 1: Research
Thesis 2: Production


Dance Philosophy and Aesthetics (corequisite with Creative Process)
History of Creative Engagement (corequisite with Externship)

History of Interdisciplinarity (corequisite with Creative Research I)
Oral History and Performance

Graduate Colloquium 2: Research


Dance in Higher Education
Pedagogy for Online Dance Education
Graduate Colloquium 1: Pedagogy
Assessment and Measurement for Dance in Higher Education


Professional Seminar 1: Portfolio Development
Professional Seminar 2: Leadership/Job Search


08:206:529 Dance Practice

A. Movement Technique

B. Immersive/Devised Performance

C. Site-Specific/Alternative Spaces

D. Installation Design and Performance

08:206:539 Somatics

Yoga for Dancers (07:306:277)

A. Advanced Yoga

B. Introductions to Pilates Mat

C. Introduction to Bartenieff Fundamentals

08:206:549 Technology

Video for Dance (07:206:344g)

A. Advanced Screen Dance

B. Lighting Design for Dance

C. Stage Management for Dance

08:206:559 Dance Studies

A. Dance Dramaturgy
B. Dance Documentation and Reconstruction
08:206:990 Independent Study: Dance Studio

08:206:991 Independent Study: Dance Studies

CERTIFICATIONS: M.F.A. degree students may also consider completing additional certification in yoga and/or Polestar Pilates.

TRANSCRIPT REVIEW: Up to 6 credits of comparable graduate credit may be transferred to fulfill elective requirements only. Applicants will undergo a transcript review to determine the appropriate courses and to also avoid redundancies with prior teacher education preparation. Any course substitutions and corequisites will be made under advisement.

COURSEWORK: This period of intensive study includes required coursework, ranging from 1-3 credits. The degree program begins in Summer Session, followed by fall semester, Winter Session, and spring semester. Second-year coursework begins with Summer Session, followed by fall semester. The remaining Winter Session and spring semester will focus on final thesis research, production, presentation, and defense.

GRADUATE TECHNIQUE: Eight credits of graduate technique are required. Somatic Survey is included at 2 credits. Semester-based technique courses (two days per week) are 1-1.5 credits; semester-based rotation workshops are .5 credit. Summer Session technique workshop courses are also available. These options give the student multiple ways to fulfill the requirement and those decisions will be made under advisement.

GRADUATE REPERTORY: Eight credits of graduate repertory are required. Generally, each repertory is assigned 2 credits. Faculty/Guest Artist, Independent Graduate Repertory, and Thesis Repertory courses give the student multiple options to fulfill the requirement and those decisions will be made under advisement.

GRADUATE PRODUCTION: This course is required for all M.F.A. graduate students.

STUDIO/ACADEMIC COURSE ELECTIVES: A total of 10 credits are required. During coursework, students will develop a Praxis Plan of elective courses that pursues an integration of theoretical and practical inquiry through a series of dance-focused special topics courses and additional coursework in other artistic, humanities, and science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) disciplines. Elective requirements will be fulfilled by the following studio: academic ratios: 6:4, 5:5, 4:6. There are varied ways these ratios can be fulfilled and those decisions will be made under advisement.

Additional arts-based electives are available in Mason Gross's music, theater, and visual arts and design departments as well as the Rutgers Center for Digital Filmmaking, based on availability and by permission of the instructor. As a major public university, Rutgers also offers a vast array of additional study areas from which to select additional elective courses.

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