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  Camden Graduate Catalog 2021-2023 Graduate School-Camden Business and Science 137 Master of Business and Science (M.B.S.) Actuarial and Statistical Analysis Concentration  

Actuarial and Statistical Analysis Concentration

Actuarial sciences is offered as a concentration within the professional science master's program described under Business and Science 137. It introduces students to the mathematical and statistical foundations of actuarial science and the financial impact of risk and uncertainty. This concentration is offered in New Brunswick and Camden.

Students will learn to provide assessments of financial security systems, with a focus on their complexity, their mathematics, and their mechanisms. Students will also learn how to evaluate the likelihood of events and quantify contingent outcomes to minimize losses, emotional and financial, associated with undesirable events.

Required Courses:

56:645:582  Probability and Actuarial Mathematics (3)
56:645:567  Statistical Models (3)
56:645:565  Time Series and Forecasting (3)
56:645:569  Actuarial Models (3)

Elective Courses:

56:645:527-528  Methods of Applied Mathematics I,II (3,3)
56:645:533-534  Introduction to the Theory of Computation I,II (3,3)
56:645:537  Computer Algorithms (3)
56:645:538  Combinatorial Optimization (3)
56:645:540  Computational Number Theory and Cryptography (3)
56:645:554  Applied Functional Analysis (3)
56:645:557  Signal Processing (3)
56:645:561  Optimization Theory (3)
56:645:574  Control Theory and Optimization (3)
56:645:575  Qualitative Theory of Ordinary Differential Equations (3)

Full course descriptions can be found under the respective graduate program entries in this catalog, or the professional science master's website. A list of electives is also available at that site:

Concentration Coordinator:

Dr. Debashis Kushary
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