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  School of Public Health 2018-2020 Courses Research Courses  

Research Courses

RESH 0600 Master of Science Research (0) Students will prepare a paper to fulfill the research requirement of the M.S. degree program.
Required for M.S. degree candidates.
RESH 0700 Doctoral Colloquium (0) This course will familiarize Ph.D. students with the major streams of research on pressing topics in public health, prepare students to complete the Ph.D. program, help students develop the skills necessary to become an engaged scholar and be competitive on the academic job market, as well as foster a community among doctoral students and faculty. Participation in the Doctoral Colloquium is a requirement (fall and spring semesters) for all Ph.D. students admitted starting in fall 2018. Prerequisite: Doctoral student standing.
RESH 0760 Doctoral Research (1-12) Students will prepare a paper to fulfill the research requirement of the doctoral degree program.
Twenty-four (24) credits are required.
RESH 0760 Doctoral Research: Dissertation Proposal Seminar (3) The purpose of the Doctoral Research: Dissertation Proposal Seminar is to facilitate the development of doctoral student dissertation research ideas. This course will provide doctoral students with a learning context taught in the form of a workshop to fully develop the dissertation proposal, including the delineation of the format of the dissertation, the dissertation rationale, significance and aims, the conceptual framework guiding the work, and the methodological approaches to be utilized in the dissertation proposal. This course is required of all Ph.D. students during their second year of full-time study. Section 000 of RESH 0760. Prerequisite: Doctoral student standing.
RESH 9726 Advanced Scholarly Research (3) Doctoral-level study of scholarly exposition, peer research review, and the preparation of research proposals. Students prepare proposals encompassing doctoral-level synthesis of theory and analytic methods.
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