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  School of Public Health 2022-2024 Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Programs Biostatistics Curriculum  


Master of Public Health (M.P.H.) Curriculum (45 credits) - Biostatistics

Students seeking the M.P.H. in biostatistics degree must complete 45 credits of academic work with a minimum GPA of at least 3.0; earn no more than 9 credits bearing grades less than B; and complete the degree requirements within six years. Courses are 3 credits unless otherwise noted.

  •  3 credits in college biology, human behavior, social or health science
  •  3 credits in college calculus
  •  Demonstration of computer competence
CORE COURSES (18 credits)
  • PHCO 0501 - Health Systems and Policy
  • PHCO 0502 - Principles and Methods of Epidemiology
  • PHCO 0503 - Introduction to Environmental Health
  • PHCO 0504 - Introduction to Biostatistics (Prerequisite: Quantitative Skills Assessment)
  • PHCO 0505 - Social and Behavioral Health Sciences in Public Health
  • PHCO 0513 - Leadership and Management Essentials for Public Health
PRACTICUM (3 credits)
Note: Students should review the Practice Experience webpage for information about Practicum.
  • PRAC 0715 - Applied Practice Experience (0 credits) [Prerequisite: APE Learning Agreement and select PHCO and concentration courses]
  • PRAC 0716 - Practicum Capstone (3 credits) [Prerequisite: Completion of the APE and Practicum Capstone Learning Agreement] 
Current students (enrolled prior to Summer 2022) who have not yet completed PRAC 0716 should complete PRAC 0717 and PRAC 0718; if these students complete PRAC 0716 with special permission, they are still expected to complete their Practicum Capstone over two semesters, unless they have special permission.
  • PRAC 0717 - Practicum Capstone-Two Semester (1.5 credits; taken in first semester of two semester capstone) [Prerequisite: Completion of the APE and Practicum Capstone Learning Agreement]
  • PRAC 0718 - Practicum Capstone-Two Semester (1.5 credits; taken in second semester of two semester capstone) [Prerequisite: Passing (P) Grade in PRAC 0717]
Students who enrolled prior to Summer 2022 are encouraged to complete PRAC 0717 and PRAC 0718; PRAC 0717 and PRAC 0718 are required for students who enroll Summer 2022 and after. 
Review the School's Registration Calendar for important MPH Practice Experience Registration dates specific to PRAC 0715, PRAC 0716, PRAC 0717 and PRAC 0718. 

Note: Students should review the Course Descriptions in the School Catalog for specific information about prerequisites required for required courses and recommended electives.
  • BIST 0535 - Biostatistical Computing
  • BIST 0613 - Biostatistics Theory I (or 16:960:592 within Department of Statistics, Rutgers School of the Arts and Sciences)
  • BIST 0615 - Applied Categorical Data Analysis

Choose one of the following two: 
  • BIST 0551 - Applied Regression Analysis for Public Health Studies
  • BIST 0610 - Advanced Regression Methods for Public Health Studies

Choose one of the following two:
  • BIST 0627 - Applied Survival Data Analysis
  • BIST 0650 - Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis
  • PRAC 0621 - Interprofessional Education (0 credits)
Students are required to register for and complete an Interprofessional Education activity prior to graduation.
Students may choose elective courses from among other concentration courses, from courses within Rutgers School of Public Health, or other Rutgers graduate programs with faculty advisor approval.
  • BIST 0614 - Biostatistics Theory II
  • BIST 0630 - Sampling Methods
  • BIST 0660 - Clinical Trials: Design and Analysis of Medical Experiments
  • BIST 9619 - Design of Experiments
  • BIST 9655 - Nonparametric Statistics
  • BIST 9686 - Interpretation of Data I 
  • BIST 9687 - Interpretation of Data II 
  • ENOH 9627 - Advanced Multivariate Methods for Environmental Health Issues 
  • EPID 0656 - Intermediate Epidemiologic Research Methods 
  • EPID 0657 - Applied Methods in Epidemiologic Research 
  • HBSP 0600 - Health Behavior and Policy Research Design & Methods
For additional information, contact RU-info at 732/932-info (4636) or
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