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  School of Criminal Justice 2008-2010 Doctoral Program Required Courses of Study  

Required Courses of Study

A total of 48 credits in coursework and another 24 credits in dissertation research are required for the degree. Required courses (12 credits) are taught at an advanced level; thus, students with no previous exposure in an area are advised to take an overview course before enrolling in the required courses. Students needing to take an overview course should consult with the graduate program director.

Required Courses and Credits

Research Methods and Statistics:

27:202:543 Intermediate Statistics (3)

27:202:640 Advanced Research Methods (3)

Crime and Criminology:

27:202:511 Theories of Crime and Criminality (3)

Law and Criminal Justice:

27:202:521 Law in the Criminal Justice System (3)

Required Coursework: 12 credits

Additional Coursework: 36 credits

Dissertation Research: 26:202:701,702,703,704

Dissertation Research in Criminal Justice: 24 credits

Minimum Credit Requirement =72

The additional coursework is to be distributed among the university's offerings. Only graduate-level courses may be included. No more than18 credits may be earned at institutions other than Rutgers. Students wishing to take credits within other academic units at Rutgers should seek the permission and guidance of the graduate program director or the associate dean of academic and student services. Most of this work is expected to be taken in the School of Criminal Justice, augmented and enriched through the graduate offerings in other units of the university.

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