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  School of Criminal Justice 2008-2010 Doctoral Program  

Doctoral Program

The program of study for the degree of doctor of philosophy is under the jurisdiction of the Graduate School-Newark. Students should refer to the Criminal Justice Doctoral Program Handbook for a detailed discussion of current policies, procedures, and requirements for completing the doctoral program of studies. Students should refer to it regularly to assist them in successfully completing the doctoral program. Any significant changes made after the publication of this catalog will be circulated to registered students.*

The degree of doctor of philosophy, introduced to this country by Yale in 1861, is the highest degree offered in American education. It is conferred in recognition of, first, marked ability and scholarship in a broad field of learning and, second, distinguished critical or creative achievement within a special area of the general field (the special area being the subject of the doctoral dissertation).

* Degree requirements are subject to change or modification by the graduate faculty of the Graduate School-Newark.

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