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  School of Communication and Information 2011–2013 Ph.D. Program in Communication, Information, and Library Studies Program Program Requirements Policy on Incomplete Grades  

Policy on Incomplete Grades

In general, faculty and students are strongly discouraged from granting or requesting incompletes in a course; they should only be given when circumstances beyond the control of the student necessitate additional time for completion of assignments. When such a grade is given, the incomplete work may be made up, and a change of grade may be authorized by the instructor, within any period agreed to by the instructor and the student up to two additional semesters beyond the original course registration, excluding summer session. Incomplete grades generated in a summer session must be completed by the end of the following summer session.

Any student who has more than one incomplete will be allowed one semester to reduce the number to one (or none), after which he or she will not be allowed to register for additional courses until these are completed or "abandoned." ("Abandoned" refers to a situation in which the student has agreed that the course may no longer be completed and the program has agreed to allow the student to continue with permanent incompletes on his or her record.)
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