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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 School of Arts and Sciences Academic Policies and Procedures Poor Academic Performance Suspension  


Academic suspension is based on the cumulative grade-point average measured against a graduated standard of increasing expectations in accordance with the number of semesters of enrollment and designated class year. These standards are set based on the need to achieve a minimum GPA of 2.0 within the 120 credits required to graduate. Students should note that they are more generous that the Standards of Academic Progress required for receipt of federal financial aid. Students' cumulative grade-point averages are reviewed each year at the end of the spring semester to ensure that all students are making adequate and consistent progress towards degree completion.

Ordinarily, a student will be subject to academic suspension from the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) when the cumulative grade-point average is less than the figure given below:

at the end of the second semester*
at the end of the fourth semester*
at the end of the sixth semester*
at the end of the eighth or higher semester*

Semesters completed at Rutgers University and at other postsecondary institutions are included in the calculation of semesters attended. However, attendance during Winter and Summer Sessions is not counted as an additional semester in attendance. For SAS students officially designated as having nontraditional status, 12 credits on the transcript (earned or attempted) count as one semester for the purposes of these requirements.

Students will receive at least one semester of academic warning before receiving a suspension. As such, first-year and transfer students enrolled in their first semester at Rutgers during a spring semester are not automatically subject to suspension, even when the cumulative grade-point average is below the specified standard for their class year.

A notification of suspension is sent to the student's permanent address of record and Rutgers email address as soon as possible after the end of the spring semester.
For additional information, contact RU-info at 732/932-info (4636) or
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