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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick Degree Requirements Programs of Study: Majors and Minors 605 Leadership and Management  

605 Leadership and Management

This major is for students who have entered Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick in the fall 2017 semester or later.

Business Core

33:010:275  Introduction to Managerial Accounting (3) (prerequisite: 33:010:272)
33:011:300  Business Forum (2)
33:136:370  Management Information Systems OR 33:010:458 Accounting Information Systems (3) (33:010:458 required if double majoring in Accounting, Prerequisite for 33:010:458: 33:010:272)
33:136:385  Statistical Methods in Business (3)
33:136:386  Operations Management (3)
33:140:320  Business Law I (3) OR 33:522:334  Business Ethics (3) (junior or senior year33:140:320 required if double majoring in Accounting)
33:390:300  Financial Management OR 33:390:310 Financial Management for Finance Majors (3) (33:390:310 required if double majoring in Finance)
33:620:301  Introduction to Management (3)
33:620:302  Management Skills (3)
33:620:492  Business Policy and Strategy (3) (prerequisites: 33:390:300 or 33:390:310, 33:620:301, 33:630:301, and senior year)
33:630:301  Introduction to Marketing (3)
33:799:301  Introduction to Supply Chain Management (3)

Required Management Courses

33:620:369  International Business (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)
33:620:410  Executive Leadership (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:302)

Electives: At least 6 credits (two courses) of the following:

33:620:362  Effective Leadership Communications (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:302)
33:620:330  Women Leading in Business (3) (prerequisites: 33:620:301 or 33:620:302) 33:620:320  Cross Cultural Management (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)
33:620:350  Negotiations (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)
33:620:370  Managing Diversity in Organizations (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)
33:620:430  Team Building and Group Processes (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)

Other courses (up to 6 credits)

33:620:365  Management of Human Resources (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)
33:620:498  Independent Management Projects (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301; seniors only)
33:620:402  Global Management and Strategy (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:369)
33:620:425 Management Consulting (3) (prerequisite: 33:620:301)
33:620:479 Doing Business In ... (3)
33:620:486 Special Topics in the Music Industry (3)
33:620:493 Special Topics in Sports Business (3)
33:382:302  Introduction to Entrepreneurship (3)
33:382:303  Managing Growing Ventures (3) (prerequisite: 33:382:302)
33:382:310  Social Entrepreneurship (3)
33:382:340  Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (3)
33:382:342  Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (3)
33:382:355  Managing Technological Innovation: In-House Entrepreneurship (3)
33:382:360  Technology Ventures (3) (prerequisite: 33:382:302)

There are two introductory Finance courses that can fulfill a business core requirement. If you intend to double major in Finance or declare a Finance concentration you will need to take Financial Management for Finance Majors (33:390:310). You can take Financial Management (33:390:300) if you have no intention of majoring in Finance or declaring a Finance Concentration. Credit will not be given for both courses if you take both due to switching to a Finance major/declaring a Finance concentration at a later date.

If you major in Accounting as your first, second, or third major, you are required to take 33:010:458 Accounting Information System and 33:140:320 Business Law I. You will not earn credit for taking 33:136:370 Management Information System. You can earn credit towards graduation if you take 33:522:334 Business Ethics but it will not fulfill a major requirement.

Students with more than one Business School major may only double count one RBS course between those majors.

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