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New Brunswick Undergraduate Catalog 2022-2024 Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick Degree Requirements Programs of Study: Majors and Minors  

Programs of Study: Majors and Minors

The business studies program is only part of the student's academic program. Students will complement their professional education with coursework in the humanities, mathematics, natural sciences, and social and behavioral sciences. In order to design an integrated academic program, full-time students should plan their program over four years. During the first three semesters, the student should formulate a schedule that is comprised of the six prerequisite courses and liberal arts core curriculum requirements. During the remaining five semesters, the schedule focuses on completing the remaining credits required of the business major. Students should also plan to take additional general elective credits to ensure that their total degree credits equals 120, the number of credits needed for the bachelor of science degree. Business majors should consult with a Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick advisor when they are planning their academic program.

The following are prerequisite courses that students must complete during their first three (four at most) semesters and before they are eligible to take additional business courses:

Prerequisite Courses (19 credits)
01:198:170  Computer Applications for Business (3)
01:220:102  Introduction to Microeconomics (3)
01:220:103  Introduction to Macroeconomics (3)
01:640:135  Calculus I (4)
01:960:285  Introductory Statistics for Business (3)
33:010:272  Introduction to Financial Accounting (3)

Liberal Arts Core Curriculum Requirements (minimum 27 credits)
In addition to the six eligibility courses and courses that are required for the major, all Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick students must complete the following liberal arts core curriculum requirements:
1) Contemporary Challenges (two courses)
2) Areas of Inquiry (six courses)
3) Cognitive Skills and Processes (five courses).
All courses must be at least 3 credits and must be taken for degree credit. Pass/no credit courses may not be used to fulfill these requirements. Students should see Degree Navigator for specific courses and conditions.

Major Requirements (56-62 credits)
The major requirements for Rutgers Business School: Undergraduate-New Brunswick programs of study can be divided into two parts: business core course requirements that all students must complete regardless of their choice of major program (accounting, business analytics and information technology, finance, leadership and management, marketing, or supply chain management), and a combination of required and elective courses that students take according to their choice of major. Students must complete the requirements of the major that are in effect at the time of their admission into the major. All core courses and required courses specific to the major must be completed with a grade of C or better.
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