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New Brunswick/Piscataway Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2007 School of Engineering Course Listing General Engineering 440  

General Engineering 440
14:440:100Engineering Orientation Lectures (1) Brief overview of each of the specific fields of engineering offered as degree programs at the college. Describes the major fields of study, as well as the engineering profession in general. Graded Pass/No Credit.
14:440:107Methods of Inquiry for Engineers (E3) Study skills. A system of thinking strategies and critical and analytical thinking skills applicable across the engineering curriculum.
14:440:127Introduction to Computers for Engineers (3) Use of the higher-level languages MATLAB and ANSI_C to solve engineering-related problems. Emphasis on problem-solving skills and mathematical tools of importance in engineering. Prerequisite: Some prior programming experience is preferred.
14:440:191Honors Introduction to Engineering (1) Covers the same material as 14:440:100 but in a more thorough and demanding fashion. Open only to honors program participants.
14:440:221Engineering Mechanics: Statics (3) Classification of systems of forces and their resultants; geometrical and analytical conditions for the equilibrium of force systems; frames and trusses; friction; parabolic and catenary cables; centers of gravity. Prerequisites: 01:640:151, 01:750:123.
14:440:222Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (3) Kinematics of particles and rigid bodies; rectangular, path, and polar descriptions. Relative motion. Kinetics of particles, particle systems, and rigid bodies; equations of motion, principles of work and energy, linear and angular impulse and momentum. Impact. Prerequisites: 14:440:221, 01:640:152, 01:750:124. Corequisite: 01:640:251.
14:440:291Honors Engineering Mechanics: Statics (3) Covers the same material as 14:440:221 but in a more thorough and demanding fashion. Open only to honors program participants.
14:440:292Honors Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics (3) Covers the same material as 14:440:222 but in a more thorough and demanding fashion. Open only to honors program participants.
14:440:407Mechanical Properties of Materials (3) Mechanical behavior of metals, ceramics, polymers, and composites. Elastic and plastic behavior. Theories of yielding, brittle fracture, time-dependent behavior, and fatigue. Relation of properties to structure. Prerequisites: 14:155:303, 14:180:243, 14:650:291, or equivalent.
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