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New Brunswick/Piscataway Undergraduate Catalog 2005-2007 School of Engineering Four-Year Engineering Curricula Civil Engineering  

Civil Engineering

Four-Year Curriculum Code 180

First Year

See First-Year Program 35

Sophomore Year

First Term

01:220:200 Economic Principles and Problems 3

14:440:222 Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics 3

01:640:251 Multivariable Calculus 4

01:750:227 Analytical Physics IIA 3

01:750:229 Analytical Physics II Laboratory 1

humanities/social sciences elective 3

Second Term

14:180:216 Introductory Computer-Aided Design and Drafting 3

14:180:243 Mechanics of Solids 3

01:355:302 Scientific and Technical Writing 3

01:640:244 Differential Equations for Engineering and Physics 4

humanities/social sciences elective 3

Junior Year

First Term

14:180:305 Construction Engineering 3

14:180:318 Elements of Structures 3

14:180:387 Fluid Mechanics 3

14:180:389 Fluid Mechanics Laboratory 1

14:440:407 Mechanical Properties of Materials 3

01:960:379 Basic Probability and Statistics 3

Second Term

14:180:320 Design of Steel Structures 3

14:180:345 Properties of Materials Laboratory 1

14:180:364 Transportation Engineering I 3

14:180:372 Soil Mechanics 3

14:180:374 Soil Mechanics Laboratory 1

14:540:343 Engineering Economics 3

Senior Year

First Term

14:180:411 Reinforced Concrete 3

14:180:421 Reinforced Concrete Laboratory 1

14:180:429 Water and Wastewater Engineering 3

14:180:473 Foundation Engineering 3

14:180:___ departmental elective 3

technical elective 3

Second Term

14:180:482 Professional Issues in Civil Engineering 1

14:180:___ departmental elective (capstone design) 4

14:180:___ departmental elective 3

technical elective 3

general elective 3

Total Credits128

1. Departmental courses may be used for technical electives, but technical courses outside the department may not be used as departmental electives. The department publishes annually a list of acceptable technical electives. The following technical courses are strongly recommended:

14:332:373 Elements of Electrical Engineering

14:650:351 Thermodynamics

2. At least one of the following capstone design courses is required:

14:180:407 Construction Projects

14:180:426 Structural Design

14:180:431 Design of Environmental Engineering Facilities

14:180:438 Transportation Engineering II

14:180:474 Geotechnical Engineering Design

3. With a combination of the required and elective departmental courses and the available general and technical electives, a student may pursue a general program or a program having an area of concentration in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering, construction engineering, transportation engineering, and water resources/environmental engineering.

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