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  Camden Undergraduate Catalog 2021-2023 Rutgers School of Business-Camden Degree Programs Bachelor of Science General Curricular Requirements  

General Curricular Requirements

Bachelor of Science General Curricular Requirements

Students complete a total of 120 credits to satisfy graduation requirements.

Major Prerequisite Requirements (30 credits; 10 courses)

These 10 courses are a combination of courses taught from the Rutgers Camden College of Arts and Sciences (CCAS - school 50) and Rutgers School of Business-Camden (RSBC - school 52). These courses are the prerequisites for courses in the business core and major areas of the curriculum and are generally taken within the first two years of study. 

50:220:102  Microeconomic Principles (meets LQR Gen Ed requirement)                               

50:220:103  Macroeconomic Principles                                             

50:640:130  Calculus for Business, Economics, and Life Sciences OR 50:640:121 Calculus I 

50:960:283  Introduction to Statistics I                                               

50:960:284  Introduction to Statistics II                                              

52:010:101  Introduction to Financial Accounting                               

52:010:202  Management Accounting                                              

52:135:101  Business Essentials*                                                      

52:623:201  Introduction to Business Computing                              

52:140:101  Business Law I: Legal Environment                              

*Students who enter as transfer students may fulfill the business essentials requirement through a combination of Introduction to Business and Introduction to Management courses. Students who transfer from other institutions may satisfy this requirement with the completion of an approved upper-level business course (consult with Rutgers School of Business-Camden Academic Services office).

General Education Requirements (21 credits; seven courses)

These are a set of courses covering a broad array of themes and subjects, designed to give students a well-rounded education and exposure to the liberal arts disciplines. General education (GE) themed electives are searchable via the schedule of classes. New Jersey associate in arts and associate in science (A.A./A.S.) degree holders are waived of general education requirements if they are eligible for the New Jersey Statewide Transfer Agreement.

50:989:101  English Composition I

50:989:102  English Composition II

See Schedule of Classes - Arts and Aesthetics (AAI)

See Schedule of Classes - Global Communities (GCM)

See Schedule of Classes - Heritages and Civilizations (HAC)

See Schedule of Classes - Logical and Quantitative Reasoning (LQR)

See Schedule of Classes - Physical and Life Sciences (PLS)

See Schedule of Classes - United States in the World (USW)

Business Core Requirements (30-31 credits; 11 to 12 courses)

The business core is a sequence of courses taught across various areas in the business school that forms the intellectual and theoretical foundation upon which advanced study in specific business areas is built. These courses may be taken concurrently with major and General Education requirements.

52:135:202  Professional Skills Forum I

52:135:204  Career Development Strategies

52:135:206  Professional Development Strategies

52:135:250  Business Communications (Writing Intensive - WRI)**

52:390:301  Principles of Finance

52:620:301  Ethics and Social Responsibility in Business (meets Ethics and Values - EVA - General Education requirement)

52:620:303  Organizational Behavior

52:620:321  Optimization and Spreadsheet Modeling

52:620:325  Operations Management

52:623:302  IT and Project Management

52:630:201  Principles of Marketing

52:620:450  Business Policy**

**Business Communications (WRI) and Business Policy (Capstone) must be completed at Rutgers School of Business-Camden.

Major Requirements (24-27 credits; eight to nine courses)

Requirements for each major are specific to that subject area. Typically, there are eight required courses for the completion of each business major (with the exception of the accounting major, which requires nine courses). These courses must follow specific prerequisite guidelines and may be completed with GE and business core requirements.

Free Electives (11-15 credits; five to seven courses)

These course credits may be earned through completion of any degree credit bearing coursework. Students may use free elective coursework toward completion of a minor.

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